Please Stay, Atri

Atri is a very intelligent and spirited commentator on politics and sex in particular. If she leaves, the EP community will be impoverished. So will those of us who know her as a friend and will inevitably have less occasion to interact with her.


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2 Responses May 25, 2012

Her car was totaled by an illegal alien running a red light, leaving her with a broken foot and elbow and cerebral bleeding, with severe headaches still continuing. I urged her not to make a decision about EP when her ability to tolerate its nonsense is degraded by the horrible way she feels, but just to put her account on vacation.

I would agree whole heartedly with your advice.

I've been in huge amounts of pain and after trauma... it isn't a good time to make decisions!

Is she getting proper medical treatment?

She's getting medical treatment locally. I'm urging her to go to southern California or wherever for world-class medical treatment

I hope she will take your advice on both counts.

I remember going through everything with my husband and his tbi...

It is best to get the best treatment you can as soon as possible! Waiting makes it worse. And don't settle for second rate care, the brain isn't just a memory device or a body regulator, a lot of "who you are" comes from the've got to fight for that with all you've got...

I hope she doesn't go!