Adam, Rick, Dale, Adam...

Ep is so wonder ful and i hope it never shuts down. ep has opend up the doors to know the most wonderful people, who cant even see it. One of my friends is a bit down on his self, but he has a great heart and wants to help people, he is positive and caring. I know he has a beautiful heart, and can only hope i help him to see it. Rick is one amazing writer. his poems touch, sadden and make you feel right along with him. He is a true friend and a great mentor in whome i am glad to call a friend. Dale is a sweet heart. open and honest about everything, he has a big heart and is true to him self as he is to those around him. He is able to make even the most sour person smile. Adam, the other one is very much a man. he dosent see himself as much as he is worth but prides him self in being logical, hopes to have a future with a family some time, and im sure that he will find someone to fill his life compleatly, for thats a desire. 

All of these men have become friends and great examples to me, and i would like to tell them all that if ep ever did shut down. it would be you men i hold dear.


And will contact when it 

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010