What the World Needs

Every day I grow more and more annoyed with the way our world works. We slave from Monday to Friday, for little reward, and put more money into the pockets of the fat cats, and the politicians, so they can run the world as they see fit. And I have to say, the're not doing a very good job. I'm not saying I can do better, I'm just saying that greed and corruption is pretty much the driving force behind any government.
I'll admit, I do get caught up in the comfortable lifestyle of the modern age, but I think the biggest mistake man kind ever made was to invent paper money...followed by the invention of the gun.
With paper money came a complete shift in power, and with the invention of the gun, all your strength and skill has become obsolete. If your opponent has a gun...you lose, even if you are more deserving to win. No longer are the leaders of the world mighty kings, and fierce warriors, but instead they are the weak pencil pushing politicians who choose to lead from the safety of their offices without getting their hands dirty. Sometimes I wish they would just bomb the hell out of each other and get it over with. Then, when the world is in ruins, the balance of power will shift once more, and their political skills will count for nothing.
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I might do that, if I lived somewhere where long term habitation was possible (In the event of infrastructure collapse) but in an apartment (Or even in a city this big) I wouldn't try to hang around, I'd soon be walking along the motorway with a band of survivors...walking for days as I try to reach my parents rural lifestyle block. There I will have fresh water (All water is river water) and meat (horses and cattle) and eventually the neighbourhood will form some kind of anarchistic system of trade and specialisation and then everything will be peachy.<br />
Once I get out of the city, that is.

I am totally serious, I have a 1-year supply of food for my family, including over 20 6-gal buckets of whole wheat. My brother has a 7-year supply. I keep thinking that I had better get more food.

It sounds so neat, I cannot wait. <br />
Gona live it up, post apocalypse style.<br />

Interesting group you started here. Don't worry, it's coming. The American Dollar is about to collapse and with it the world ecomony will go down. <br />
<br />
You are worried about your monday to friday job now but not to far in the future you will be worried about food and how to keep from starving. I also have reason to believe that China will invade america. Look out, america and the world is going to be left desolate. <br />
<br />
<br />
If you want a chance at survival, start storing up food now like yesterday!<br />
<br />
BTW, I use to think paper money was really bad too but have decided that gold and silver can also be manipulated. As long as the money is issed debt free by the people then paper money would be brilliant. Ever heard of colonial script???