Why Couldn't He Change?

I keep reminding myself that i was the one to break up with him. I play that late night conversation over and over in my head. I keep wondering what went wrong with us!

I loved him. I love him very much! Why did he have to be so possessive and jealous? Why did our relationship turn into a boring routine?

I wanted to change him and he wanted to change me. Why did we both fail to do this while staying together? does this really mean that we were never meant to be?

He doesn't talk to me now. He's doing other things in his life, and i'm very happy for him. He's doing what he always wanted to do. Travelling to new places and meeting new people.. But it makes me very sad that we're not together now. Sometimes i get so angry at him, other times i feel so weak and miss him like hell..

I fantasize about getting back together with him and making it work.. Sometimes i feel like i will never be able to love someone like that again.. I'm taking it one day at a time, and i think it gets a bit better with time..

Am hoping for a miracle.. but until my heart is back in one piece again, hope is all i can do...

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

@ kitxxxxxxx: You really can't change people if they're not willing t change.. imagine if that was true, so much pain could have been avoided :) .. I'm keeping myself busy now.. and i try not to think about it.. it gets to me sometimes, but i guess there's nothin else to do!<br />
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@ lightpainter: Well, i guess you're right.. I think i'm hoping too much that he changes someday.. sometimes i feel like i'm putting my life on hold! =/ it's not a nice feeling...

well you could call him and have a heart to heart or you can wade out the feelings and try to keep yourself busy... you can help people grow but only if they want it, you cant change people, only be appreciative of them.. boredom can come from this but also if you spend every moment together and/or if the people in the relationship aren't doing what they want (for themselves) boredom can happen. and then theres the obvious growing apart and not being attracted to each other anymore, which i dont think is the case here (personally)..as for the possessiveness i cant help u there cause thats the problem in my relationship :s and its not you its them. best of luck