I Hope I Am Pregnant, It's Driving Me Mad!

Hi, In September I lost a daughter at 16 wks due to an Ectopic that didnt ruptured until an hour before my surgery. I am lucky to be alive and have been told ectopics dont last any longer than 8 wks we;ll truth is if NHS did their job proply they would of caught it 12 days earlier I would of been 14 and haf wks still quite far but I wouldnt of ruptured ect! Now the reason why the ectopic wasnt picked up until 16 weeks is I didnt find out I was pregnant until I was roughly 12 wks pregnant but I believed I was around 6 at the most, I had negitive tests and kept I believed periods right up intul september the 1st, my bleeding started september the 8th and they figured out I was ectopic on september 20th 2010. and it hurts so bad to know that I lost a daughter we named Elizabeth Ruth Mckee.

so I am craving for another baby so badly right now
my husband and I made love on the day I ovalated so I am hoping he's caught me :)
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I'm 20. <br />
I lost my baby boy Damon lee at 14 wks. 3 months after my sweet 16. <br />
4 yrs of trying for another I'm an emotional wreck. I get depressed every time I get a period and almost unbearable to be around. :( can't wait to get preg!

After trying to conceive for the last 4 years Russ and I are elated to be pregnant. We were considering going onto Clomid at the beginning of my next cycle, but Aunt Flo never came to visit. After buying 5 pregnancy tests at the dollar store the day after my period was due I didn't even wait to test. Went home and immediately took a test that came back positive. We were in total shock. After having tried for soooo long we did not want to get our hopes up and then it turn out to be a false positive.<br />
<br />
So I drank some more water and took a second test. Two pink lines appeared again, clear as day. Dollar store pregnancy tests were not to be trusted though, so I asked my Mom to take a test. If that showed two lines the tests would be faulty, so she did it (so sweet!) and my Mom was NOT pregnant.<br />
<br />
The next morning I took the remainder of the 2 pregnancy tests since it said on the box the best time to test was in the morning. Again they both came back positive so I called my doctor and made an appointment to go in later that morning to confirm.<br />
<br />
Sure enough, the doctor confirmed our pregnancy with yet another urine test an gave us a due date between Oct 29 and Nov 1.<br />
I am scared it might be ectopic. I can't stop thinking about it....

I lost my little girl Kayah on Dec. 10th. I was 14 weeks pregnant- I know what you mean about craving another pregnancy. I feel like it's the only thing that will make me feel whole again. I miss being "an expectant mum". :(