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I Hope I Am Pregnant

That would explain this belly I seem to be aquiring this winter.

I also just had to join this group.

I don't know why but I just felt compelled to join the I hope I am pregnant group.

Am I the only male member of this group?

Maybe Bobert will join too.

BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia 41-45, M 34 Responses Dec 7, 2008

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lol Yes you are..

Sassy Umbrella?

Why sure *look of deep thought*

Not at all, I just think it would be cool to have twins! Can you name one after me?

Are you implying something other than what your words are speaking? : )

So how long to go? Maybe your having twins!

No pants bra? I am very confused now...<br />
<br />
I was so not prepared for all this

Saratoga!!!<br />
<br />
What about Springer? Anyone got Jerry's number?

I think that it's too bad that someone beat you to Oprah.

Hmmmm... we may need Industrial Strength for this one!!! You take one of those fertility drugs or something??

*looks at belly* Anyone got and lotion?

Yeah, you need to hurry up and start the rubdowns. Those stretch marks are not pretty!!

Marji you know you wanna rub my belly.<br />
<br />
Deep down inside,,, You know you

lol Anyone wanna rub my belly?

Yes, SG, I suspect that was one of the reasons BG got pregnant in the first place. Now he is going to enlist us all to cover him in cocoa butter or shea butter and rub his belly. Anything to prevent stretch marks on that awesome belly ;.) hehehe !!!

Just wait until everyone starts rubbing his belly... he'll looove that!

BG, If your boobs are getting bigger, you are throwing up first thing in the morning, cant stand the cologne your significant other is wearing, actually cant stand much of your significant other, cry at every cute baby commercial, you are definitely pregnant, no need for EPT tests. Just hurry to the stores and start stocking up on diapers and formula, you may be carrying twins or triplets this time !!!.<br />
Keep plenty of crackers in your car, avoid the food courts at the mall, same with perfume counters, and start rubbing your ample hips with cocoa butter. You will thank me after your triplets are born. I was going to buy you a round, but I know you pregnant dudes cant drink so I settled for my heartiest<br />
Congrats , UC !!!! ;-)

*shakes head*

Oh, goodness BG, dont know what an EPT is? You are NOT prepared for the next 9-months at all, sister, not at all!

Early pregnancy test.<br />
What are poots Mello?

Lets just say I am very late.<br />
<br />
What is EPT? Do I need one of those?

So, Blue, let's get into this here.... when was your last period? Have you done an EPT yet?

I'm never getting drunk with you again.

Ack!!! Not without a blood test!! Where's Maury Povich and the DNA testers when you need them!!

But it is your child Roaring. I also expect you to support it.

Blue if you're pregnant please don't name it after me!!

Nope but if I find my camera in the next little while I may just post one. Not of the food baby though.

You may be on to something here Sehira.

lol, That counts I guess. I gave birth earlier to a food baby.<br />
<br />
Is that to much information?

I just had lunch, so I have a food baby right now. Does that count?<br />
<br />

Your avatar looks like your having a chip baby.<br />
Is that ironic? lol

Well not that you mentioned it,,,, I would like to tell you that I have a sock fetish ever since JJ showed me a picture of her stocking feet.

Can't wait to read that one. lol

I could join it. I could also add a spiffy story too...