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I can't compete with the pictures........I can't just forget about the morals and standards I uphold....I can't bring myself too just settle....for the sake of to be held, loved, and admired.
I can't just set my focus on the top 10..... For that can limit me to an infinite amazement of possibilities.....so I've done what I've thought to do....which accordingly -is not much........but in time, I have too know that I will find who I am looking for....I will be accepted without fault to be what I am not. We will be compatible....even though we differ.....our love will be strong as one ,.....why?
We have both found who we were looking for.
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12 Responses May 24, 2012

i want a partner like you, please contact for long term relationship

I agree wholeheartedly. There will be those who may strike a chord and end up being an imitation. Doesn't take long to figure that out, fortunately.

Please never give up hope meeting the right person for the right reason. I was 42 before I met my wife. And have been married now 23 years. We have had our up and downs. But remember one little thing. Even though a person may be married, it doesn't mean they are happy. You must be happy first.
Good luck, you will be happy, I can see that in your words and thoughts.

You are very welcome. Remember to be just yourself.

I am glad you have a good attidude abot life as It .

Thank you for this encouraging story... I agree, one should not "settle" for what they are not truly wanting.

very sweet

and you will...

looking for that one aswell, till then satisfied with Jesus AMEN sister :)

Little confused with a couple of your lines, but I understand your message and admire you for it :)

Your words are admirable and your strength apparent. :)

Never settle, keep true to who you are and you WILL find the person who loves you for you! I'm in the same boat so I know how it is. :) sucks to wait, but (and I know this is just a cliche but) patience is a virtue! Being can be awesome for awhile but its not the same as having someone true to call your own and someone to pick you up when you need it.

you just need to close your eyes and open again and whomsoever you thought during those moments. you will get them.<br />
try it again.<br />
if you thought of me for that moment; i am your friend from that moment.

I hope you find them, it's good you don't settle for less.