That Would Suck

the way things are going, i think me and mine will be just fine. after 7 yrs [i know thats not long to some people] we are just as happy as we were the first day we kissed. we still light up around eachother. sometimes my face hurts from my uncontrolable smiling when hes around. we still have playful sex [its doesnt feel routine]. but i think our best quality is how we can not stay mad at eachother. i dont know what it is, but nothing is worth being angry over. even finances arent worth getting mad about [and we've had some pretty rough times]. regardless of who messes things up, we just put our heads together and figure out a solution. i think a big part of our happiness can be contributed to the fact that we never point the finger at one another when things go wrong. we just work through it. i certainly hope i dont end up in a sexless marriage. it would be tragic because the sex is so good. although i have no doubts, there is also no certainty [since i cant predict the future]. i guess i'll just have to handle whatever comes my way.
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thanks everyone

without the blaming and fingerpointing i think one would be more willing to have sex with the other because they arent focused on how the other person ****** up.<br />
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rock on.

I hope you don't end up in a sexless marriage, either. It sucks. My husband and I just started having sex again, and it's a relief. But your marriage sounds like a good dream.