I Don't Think I Could Do It.

First off I am not going to marry someone who isn't sexual, preferably she will be a bit more sexual than than the norm.

Why would anyone stay with someone who changes to the point of no longer wanting to make love to you.

If it came to that then I am afraid the third option would come into the situation. Which is Divorce. Or the forth option, which is to have an affair.  Neither are option i care to consider in my future. So the Woman I marry will be sexual enough that I hope I never have to say, " I live in a sexless marriage.
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As a teenager I knew I was "different" I felt like some kind of sexual freak....I now know this was what us called HD...A High sex Drive. I always felt like you, that I must have a wife that was into sex as much as me.....I was thrown together with a young woman, we dated, and eventually became lovers. She was almost totally inexperienced. She had one previously lover, for a short time, but had never had an 0rgasm during sex.....

For a nuclear bomb to go off, 2 masses of fisionable material have to come together into what is called a critical mass.......When we made love we achieved that critical mass.....

I still get chill bumps just thinking about it, nearly 50 years later......She told me a few weeks ago, that she could not remember EVER failing to 0rgasm during all those years......
We literally had sex thousands upon thousands of times....We spent hour after hour wrapped in each others arms in pure sexual bliss....We were once marooned in hotel room without power for three days....It was wonderful.....
After 47 years, we probably have sex more than most couples in their 20's or 30's...Making love 2-3 times a week......
We talked recently about our love life. I asked her if she thought we were ment to be together.......She said it was probably a one in a thousand chance for two people as sexually compatible to find one another......We are an ordinary middle class couple, with one BIG secret.......Do I consider myself a real STUD...Well, I'm not much to look at, but I'll bet I have caused more female 0rgasms than 5 "normal" guys, and enjoyed giving every one......Would your ego be a bit swolen if you could truthfully make that statement?.....But with an "ordinary" woman, I would probably been just another husband begging his wife for a "little" and getting turned down.............
My advice, "when you make love to a woman, REALLY make love...Pay attention to her body, and how it responds, how "IN to the experience" she gets....Is she just horney, or PASSIONATE?.....When you find a woman that is that passionate, has character, intelligence, beauty, and a kind heart....Marry her.......
I think you have your work cut out for you......

The woodchuck

i also agree.... sex is Great... ummm u need it in a relationship...and anyone who says it aint tru...shame on u for lying to urself...

lol very true for many it seems. <br />
Thanks you for the comment Imlost.

Your right it takes two working together.<br />
That is one essential of a relationship, Without it you don't have a relationship. Sorry you aren't in a relationship.

Well... actually I was half moaning/whimpering/ cursing. And a cut @ss was the "big finish" to those noises! Not quite as satisfying as a big "O"! ;P

That's what I'm talking about. : )

I once turned a coffetable over, and busted my tailbone over one of the turned up legs, trying to hurry back for seconds in the bedroom.:O Does that count for heated furniture breaking??!! Yeah, it soooooo cooled things off the rest of the night though! :(

Those days are not over my friend. : )

Hey I liked the comment about breaking furniture blue. I remember breaking a chair during a heated moment, those were the days my friend!

Creativity, Imagination, There are many things you can do to keep the fire going. There will come a time yes when it will slack off but it should never die.

But you see, when we were first together we WERE very sexual. It's not as simple as "I'd never marry someone who isn't sexual."

Justdifferent, I agree. With love comes understanding. : )<br />
Understanding and love can get you through such things.<br />
But I still hope I never live in a sexless marriage. : )

"Cheap sex"??? *Oh, I always liked it ENTIRELY too much to charge for it! <br />
<br />
But, seriously, this situation occurs more than you might think, from what I hear. Depression is a major culprit, so are hormonal imbalances. I have a friend down home; her name is Laura. She turned 41, menopause hit, and she COMPLETELY lost her libido - or so she says. I tell you, I've heard some horror stories, and it scares the hell out of me. ( Laura is only a year older than me. ) And, yes, she is married. They are going through a really rough time right now, because of this. I have another friend, ( a male ), who deals with this issue, as well. His problem is chronic depression. It happens, never say never. People change, and so do situations. Me, personally, I hope the ole' "nookie train" will continue to stop at my "station", for many years to come, but I would never leave, just because it didn't. Saying "put out, or get out" to your partner, is not love. Just my thoughts on the subject...

I'll have sex in the afterlife msterling. lol

Cheap sex? lol None for me please. lol

I agree with Mello. If I am in a marriage. I want it all. If I feel there is no love, I'm with blue...let me out.<br />
If I am looking for just sex..hell I can go to a bar, pick out a seriously drunk fellow, have some fun and neither one of us will remember the other later. If all a man wants is sex he can get it a number of ways...comes pretty cheap sometime.

I think mello read my poem. : )

I am all over the place in my thinking right now.<br />
<br />
I might tell ya more in a private message. : )

I agree with Mello.....and its so very sad when it just isnt there... : (

Well, folks! By Mello's definition, I fall short on the "truly love" part.... but I sure as heck aint in no sexless marriage! heheeheheee. GO EM!! ;P

You have to be creative and imaginative after the fancy wears off. There are actually many things that you can do to keep things interesting in the future. : )<br />
<br />
thatisme. I hope you find someone who is perfect for you. You are quite the young lady.

I guess by your age you have had a few partners, you know that sexual attraction wears off over time...that was the point I was trying to make there. Once that spark has gone, it's gone for good.

That's where you have to bring in the imagination or the creativity. If you mean, what if we don't love one another anymore then. That is different. I have seen love die but the sex drive continue. But I guess if the love dies and there is no way of restoring it then maybe the marriage should come to an end. I hope that never happens to me again but I would rather it did as live the rest of my days unloved.

What if you don't fancy each other anymore...what would your plan be then Blue?

I agree but I am willing to work or adapt or be creative enough to keep it going.

BBB I thought you would never ask...<br />
<br />
Hi Thatisme, Glad we agree.<br />
I made a rhyme: )

Maybe I should define pouncing. Pounding. slamming, breaking furniture. <br />
: )<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

I couldn't do it Masterling. I " like you " am a manly man with manly desires. We must have the pouncing we desire...<br />
<br />
Mello are you trying to tale my story away from me?