But It's So Wonderful

The dirty
Knock boots
Do the laundry

Whatever you call it no one denies, it's FANTASTIC!

People get mad when teens have sex. Why? a number of opinions, (Not making these up)

(1) They're to young
(2) They'll get pregnant
(3) They could be doing something else with their time
(4) They're not mentally prepared
(5) They're emotionally unstable

Sure these could be true, but if they don't have sex now and get it out of they're system, when they're older their sex drive will be either WAY to high from years not spent on the horse, or very, very low because they're used to going without, meaning SEXLESS MARRIAGE.
And it's not like they're not going to do it anyway, the fact that so many people tell them not to makes them only want to do it more! It's like the forbidden fruit, you want it because you can't have it.

So if you think teens shouldn't have sex. Then answer me why?

PotPrincess PotPrincess
22-25, F
Sep 22, 2012