I Found Out.!

I found out why sex and marriage is not what it was before you were married,  this is what my husband says it is... und it makes sense.

Marriage changes passion.
Suddenly you're in bed with a relative.

I belive he is right

whats your thoughts.?


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You end up seeing all of each others foibles, farting, scratching and all.

The fact that two are spending so much of time together, there are many pressures that is built up around marriage that sex is put in the back burner

Ummm no, I'm a guy and it's difficult to control my urges. There is something wrong with him.

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Sorry for the caps, but his comment is so far off the mark ya can't measure how bad.

It was ment as a joke ,....or cant you read that ...i didnt write it in german! did i ...guten tag mein fruien ..

I have one word for you:<br />
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Woah. That is a scary quote. It's one of those quotes that can stick with you and haunt you when you're having any kind of little doubt. Doubly scary in your case since your husband is the one who said it to you!!!<br />
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I don't think it's true though. It hasn't been in my case, so far. I am scared for when we have kids though. I really hope we keep the passion through that.

we are not married but have been together for many years , its to easy to get caught up in other things like work & kids , theres no passion in our relationship anymore , i do not think its about marriage or not , its about how people relate to one another or not .

i dont think that he is .... well in a way he is but ... the above statement only happens when you allow it to happen... my husband has started to have this mentality... which doesnt make sense to me at all...<br />
if i just did things towards him based on when i wanted to or when it was something that i felt ... then who knows when we would have sex because we have two different libidos....<br />
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I myself make the choice to still have passion and sometimes i treat him as though we are still dating .. leave him love letters... surprise him when he comes home with a sexy adventure with chocolate and whip cream.. i willing to do almost anything that he could think of and i let it be known.... however for him i feel that he has forgotten the beauty of making love not only for self gradification but for bonding ....<br />
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so No i would say that your husband isnt right... unless that is what someone makes the choice to do it... and i believe that a person can make the choice to come out of a sexless situation if they truely wanted to...<br />
thats what i think and my parents have been married 30 years and they have more sex than me and my husband do which is weird but gives me all the more hope