Plain and Simple: I'd Cheat

I want to marry someone i am intimate with, sex is part of that.  It's a physical manefestation of love.  I think I would seek the feeling of being loved somewhere else.

alisheaskylar alisheaskylar
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2008

Why choose to cheat when you could divorce the guy and move on to the kind of love you want ?

i assume that wouldn't be your first option. if it was, your marital soul sharing wouldn't be as deep or true as you thought. before you jump into cheating, i hope you would try compassion and forgiveness first. no answer is just that easy. to truly share souls, you have to endure a lot, and overcome it. but if your partner was simply unwilling to have sex with you for selfish reasons, or just indifference, you may not want to share souls anyway. rage and resentment aren't condusive to the relationship you describe anyway. <br />
i also believe like you do. sex is more than just sex. it really is sharing souls. i like how you put that. if you haven't already, i hope you find the one to share souls with. what could be powerful and complete? it's almost an out of the body experience, isn't it? beautiful.

I'm a neoPagan so I have always believed that sex was a way of basically sharing your souls. If i was married to someone who I wasn't having sex with at all, I'd cheat on them to feel connected to someone.