No Sex? No Marriage!

My family are very open about sex, out of my girlfriends I'm always the first to mention something about sex, and in relationships the physical connection is usually the best thing! I'm terrified that when I get married, it'll be a sexless marriage, like so many of them are. There's nothing wrong with loving sex, and I freely admit it. Not that I give it away easily because I've been with three men, all relationships, and at some point and each in different ways, I loved them all.

But you read about these poor husbands and wives who don't have sex for years. For me, that would be unbearable!

DarceySmile DarceySmile
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4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

my husband refuses to make out with me , cuddle with me . the spark is dead its a real issue even if I want sex from him he makes some b.s. stating to me that he is tried he even falled a sleep having sex with a few years ago. all thoe I do love him I have needs that are not being meet. All we do is fight with each ohter, and I am stick I have two little boys with him, a house an I am jobless lost my job back in August 2010, I dont have much selfasteam any moe, I have get out of this loveless marriage he told me a few months ago that he was not inlove with me and told me that he was gonna leave , I cryed the day beore mothers day when he told me that he was gonna leave gave me a mothers day card I rip it up along with a few wedding pictures of him and his family. he is sill here because he has no, where eles to go. told him that I loved him and on mothers day he told me to move on I paid on my debit card and set up a and that tuesday though we maded up but still no, loving going on I am single but married. this started because the frist year we married I saw him rumbernicking some bimbo right infront of me if I knewn what a drith bag he was I wouldnt of married him, it was on the bck on my mind for a few years so any ways on are second child he told me that I trick him into having him ad he didnt want him, we would fight and he would say really bad things to me even before I married him back in 97 at my sister wedding he called me a ****, 2 yeaqrs ago we had a reeally bad figh and I cryed and meet a friend we saw a movie together ad nothing less , this was paqy back from looking at that bimbo infront of me.

It's not just down to compatibility of sex drive. My OH and I are both keen on sex but she refuses to talk about it in bed or out.. so we haven't done it for ages, because I don't know where I stand any more. And before anyone starts with the jokes, there is far too much going on in both our lives for her to be having an affair ;-)

Once a month sounds like pure agony! But surely you don't need to get divorced?! It's not just about the sex, but also the build up to it. Like teasing each other throughout the day, even if it's just cuddling up on the sofa, or showering together or just those sexy looks. That's why it's so important to me, and i know that when I get married, sex has got to be key. I mean, otherwise without the sexual chemistry and attraction, what's the difference between a husband and a best friend?

Darcey, would love to be with a woman like you. There is nothing wrong with the beauty that sex exudes. The breathless wanting, the fire that burns in your soul, the way it makes you feel incredible, nourished, renewed! I'll tell ya, I'm getting a divorce, cause I love the feel of the daily close connection, and my wife is a sexual dud. Once a month is just awful! I'm going to find an open minded gal like you, who knows what an important component intimacy really is. Here's to our world's being Rocked!!!