The Reason, I Suppose...

the boy and i had a discussion about this tonight after i told him i started this group. it's strange enough to have to explain to someone my reasoning behind feeling this way, but to actually find someone who feels the same way is awesome. but anyways, really i'd like to go out on a high note. i never want to be a burden. and ive been sickyl since i was born - why wait to hit the time where i'm *always* sick. boo.
springfieldrocks springfieldrocks
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2 Responses Nov 3, 2007

overall, i can only hope to pass before all of y friends and family do. i have listened to older family members speak of how all of their friends are dying. i don't want that. i'd rather be the early surprising death. then i won't feel it after that. thank the "gods".

I know what you mean! 60 or 65 for me. I imagine I'll be pretty healthy still, cos my folks are and I take care of myself enough... but I do think we live too long. I do NOT look forward to being stuck in some home with all my friends dying or dead, feeling ill, and being bored. I'd like to go as soon as it stops being fun.