I am stuck...

Stuck with the issue i had to be involve.

Something didn't go well in the other end.

Shoot!  i have no control over.

It is very difficult to make this balance right.

But i did everything i could do.


Now i only can wait.




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12 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Hi thanks for your comment. I am working on it. and hopefully i find the solution for the issues... People and people make life wonderful but also make it so difficult ... ummmm.. sometimes life is hard.. :)

Hope you are doing well.

Hi princess.. thank you.. i will feel better tomorrow. Hugs*

hi thank you for your comment.. i am very pleased with my friends here on EP, they are beautiful and always to support others. the friendships also helps me to over come from my melancholic mood and i feel more positive vibes. i deeply appreciated our friendship and your support. I look forward to talking to you more..and i am always here for you too. Hugs*

Antigravity thank you.. appreciated your comment. Hugs*<br />
<br />
Sleepless. thanks you.. i will do my best.... Hugs*<br />
<br />
thedistracted1 thanks for your comment. :)

I wish you feel well and your problem resolves itself out.

Hi Hal. I wish you best, hope it will workout for you and get te balance right in your life again :) Hugs and good luck...

i was talking about this story... but it is not story. it is my states of being in real life... Hope you are good. Hugs*

hi Flourlady.. i know..we have some ups and downs .Hugs*

ths sounds like a fairly difficult situation hal!

Hi Myonis... i posted my real issue here..... yes i hated this ...especially the outcome is decided by someone rather than yourself and yet i have to have a responsibility for the outcome... i guess life is never fare... then again who said it is fare? Thanks for your comment. i will be okay. Hugs*

Hal, I hope this gets worked out quickly for you. Waiting can be very stressful. At least you can say you did everything you could. Best wishes!