As Always

The obstacles and trials that come into play during our lives often leave us with a sense of doubt, a double take on the choices we make. You can't really control how you feel but you always hope that when the dust settles you have guided yourself in the right direction even though you couldn't really see all that well. Certain decisions seem as if they would be so easy to make, that, hands down it's plain to see what the right thing to do is. hmm...I am slowly coming around to the idea that these are the very things that one will question later on in matter what you had chosen to do. I try, everyday, to do what I think is right, will power has a lot to do with it I guess. But also I think, I know that the choices I make are sometimes based purely on emotion, and not logic. I've always been emotionally corruptible in a sense, vulnerable to others, but mainly I think I corrupt my own mind...chalk it up to my vivid imagination, I guess. But eventually logic does step in and takes over. I think to make the best decision logic and emotion should be balanced, but how often is what we feel logical?
SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering
70+, F
Mar 19, 2012