Please Don't Find Me!!!!!

I only just joined, it's going to be nice to have somewhere to write my thoughts etc without people knowing who I am. I use facebook alot but I edit certain parts of my life on the other sites so people never truely know how I'm feeling, it kind of feels lonely that way, so I'm glad I can share the real me here. If anyone finds me (please god NO!) I will be mortified, I will deny all knowledge and say someone has cloned me for a prank!!!!!!
31-35, F
4 Responses Sep 12, 2007

Yep I try to have several different names so I dont get found on sites but I always forget what name I am on all the different ones LoL!!

haha musichead, that's funny. I'm the same way. hey there's at least 11384 other chickas. lOl

Haha, yeah I would completely deny it until I was blue in the face. In a way it's lucky that with my email which is musichead7, I can deny there is a link between these two ppl. Musichead? Whaddya mean, it's me? Where's the 7, dammit? How many ppl are musicheads? At least 7, I tell you! :P

one thing i like about having a common first name is that i can give it and even my city/state and know that there is almost no chance anyone will find me! and first name, city and state is ALL the personal details i ever put in a public profile, for that reason.