Such Is Life

Quite a major number of us here had been hurt by people we once loved... or still love till today.

Regardless how sad the situation turns out to be..  I hope none of us will stop loving nor should we brush if off should it comes knocking at our door ...some day soon in the unpredictable future.

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

JR ~ Everyone of us built some walls along the way. Such is life. But if you keep building and never stop.. you will be so tired dwelling over the same mistakes in life.. Some day you have to just stop building and be curious what outside world . They could be full of rainbows...waiting for you to capture.

I totally agree with you Eternal but sometimes it is just hard not to put those walls up.

Ocean ~ Wall there is...but let a ray of sunshine thru... Who knows there might be rainbow one day. We are all picky in your own ways.. Nobody just pick any oranges from the basket and eat it =) <br />
<br />
SS ~ A new day of the week... it will get better.. =)

Sometimes our greatest joys in life are revealed behind that door of the "unpredictable" future.