Peace In The Loving Arms Of God


 Let Haiti over-seas find peace in the loving arms of u, my Heavenly Father, God for tradgey strikes but for u, oh God stil haven't left us nor forsaken us for I know u never will either, my prayers are being sent to Heaven above that this country will gain its strengthen back! May America realize that we must take care of ourselves first; for every time we do not & we help others out, the other country gets stronger & for America is either in debt or fall's into the cracks of the world's volanic ashes!! For every person in Haiti whoes losted a dear loved one or a friend; may they also find peace in the arms of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ the greatest man ever known too us imperfect mortals!! To each & every soul that has passed into the light when this tradgey struck; may u find ur soul resting peacefully in Heaven's circle of love & God's beauty tonghit, do not be afarid tiny souls to leave this Earth & to be with God, for God is an awsome God & loving as can be, so tonight may u sleep in beauty & peace, in the eyes of our beholder!!!!! Too all the families in Haiti whoes been struck terribley by tradgey & grief, may ur sorrows of tears be lifted off of ur faces & ur heart's filled with God's everlasting love tonight during ur time of need & grieft, that has struck each of u unexpectdley! May u find God's love, guidance, peace, & mercy tongiht with our awsome God, who liveth in our heart's & soul's plus our life's!!!!!!!! God bless all thoes in Haiti that have been hurt with devestaing tradgey, my prayers are with each of & ur families!!

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THANK YOU for sharing YOUR Prayer! TAKE CARE!!!

That was very nice.