Our Soon To Be Exes....

This has gotten to be a hellacious event through which to live.  I'm sure that by now, everyone is so ******* sick of hearing "my story"....ad nauseum....that they'd really just like me to shut up.  Sorry..can't quite do that.  I have always been a big believer in owning your mistakes...and have always endeavored to do so..even when it was hard.

In Tiger's case:  He is being taken to the cleaner's.   His so called "wife", who has had stewardship of their mutual finances ( a sizable amount of income) and has no more to show for it than I do, is taking a gigantic chunk of his income for the forseeable future....and the entire IRA.  Untl they got this agreement signed, she harangued him daily, sometimes hourly...contacted both his brother and son, and my husband, spreading lies about us.

In my case:  I have had an agreement (verbal) with my hubby since October.I was to pay half the mortgage, utilities, and car insurance....my personal bills (cell phone, internet, EP, life insurance, the one credit card of which I got custody) my gasoline and upkeep of my car, all personal items and food.  In return, he was to pay for the no fault divorce, move to a new residence, and rent me our house for the amount of the mortgage payment.  That's it..that's all he had to do.   I even offered to file a joint tax return with him (saving him thousands of dollars, because of an early dipersal from his IRA).  Every month, I lived up to my obligations...paying my bils , not only on time, but way ahead of the due date....he gladly accepted my money....for months.  In exchange for the concession I made on the taxes, he was to give me two months free rent....Feb. and March.  Just before we filed the tax forms, I met Tiger in real life for the first time, at the end of Jan.  When I got home from that trip, hubby announced that he no longer was willing to let me rent the house, and leave it in his name....I could buy it.  OMG..as if!!!!   I have an excellent credit score..I worked and scraped for decades to get it...I have NEVER been late on a bill...but my income is less than 10,000 a year....who in their right mind would give me a loan???  We argued back and forth about these things for a good while, off and on.  Then I made him a proposal...get me into my new place...first month's rent and deposit, and be done with me.  He agreed.  Then I met Tiger for the second time.  While he was here, Tiger and I found a cute little duplex in town,...we applied for it, and got it.  When I came home, I was informed that hubby would no longer get my place.  I was on my own.  I lived up to our agreement for months.  He has broken every promise he made...his word is worth less than nothing.

Tiger and I see but one recourse....we will be together much sooner than planned.....next week!!!  He's coming to get me...and we ******* hope the both of them choke on all they've taken from us.  These were not short term relationships...his for 16, mine for 20.  We both struggled that entire time to save marriages we never stood a chance of saving.  We both gave so much..even to the point of losing ourselves....and got precious little back.  They have pushed US as far as they possibly can...taken all that they possibly can.  No more.  NO MORE!!  If they wanted to put US into desperate straits, they got their wish....they pushed US even closer together....we're doing something desperate...Tiger is coming to get me...my love will rescue me from this horrid nightmare!!!!!!!  I soooo love you, Tiger!!!  Thank you for loving me like you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ITIDYIL!!!!



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Thanks, SL....Tiger and I never fight about money..fact is,he makes pretty good money, we just have to give her a big chunk , and save to move back south. We'll make it, we just have to be careful!<br />
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I wish you both all the best. I know what having little to no money can do to a relationship. Please, please.......always talk, never blame, & remember money will never keep you warm at night... Only the love that is your mate can do that.<br />
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Always remember that, please... Being alone is never fun. Being broke & alone is WORSE.

Thanks, enna30!! Yes..we are indeed very blessed to have found each other...again!!!

I don't know you - just stumbled on your post. . . But want to wish you BOTH the greatest possible happiness. You may be money poor but you are emotionally rich in your love for each other - and that is infinitely more important. I hope the two of you find ecstacy together - Good Luck!!

Indeed, Sahira...all they've managed to do in that arena is to bring US even closer together!!!! Being outrageously happy is indeed the best revenge!!!!

Yes, WiB..the battle has been hard fought, and very costly for the both of US..but the prize is soooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Thanks, BD..love you , chica!!

good luck to you both ... I hope everything works out for you ... it sounds like you've fought hard to get where you are!!

Tlady - I agree with you that life is short. We get to a certain age I think, and that becomes all too clear. And while there's still time, sometimes we gotta move! I hope you find true happiness in your heart.

Indeed, SG...we believe the same thing!! We don't have enough time left..God forbid we waste any more of it!! I'm honored to have you in my circle, too, sugar!!!!!!<br />
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My wish to both of you is that you have a happy and long life together. I am honored to have you both in my circle and am so looking forward to us becoming friends.<br />
Life is too short to lets these chances pass you by, it can change in a heartbeat enjoy and treasure the love you have found together.

Baby...you know I ADORE Taco Bell!!!!<br />
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ITIDYIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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That's my baby! I will attest that everything she said is true, and then some. Yes, this tiger will transform into his white knight persona, fly to her side, and whisk her off away from her tormentor! Onward ho, Matilda! (her Jeep!) <br />
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Desperate, yes, but without recourse, NO! hey have pushed us into making a decision that was not part of our original plans - I was originally to move down to her town and start fresh there - and now i will bring her to frozen over Maryland, to my "palace" in the snow.....<br />
Sounds romantic, anyhow...but it will still be a challenge to make ends meet...i am taking whatever actions i can to make the money go further...we will make it, but Taco Bell will have to be our dining out spot for a while (LOL)<br />
I love you, Baby!<br />