Back To Back

The girl and the troll sat back to back, a cold hard sheet of glass separating them.
Sometimes the glass would frost up with ice cold thoughts, sometimes it would nearly melt so fierce was their rage.
The troll listened to the whispers in the night.
The girl despaired.
Neither trusted the other, how could they for the situation was sick and twisted.
They were both miserable.
The girl cried and cried but the troll couldnt see it.
Neither was perfect. Both had done wrong.
He said he would never push her away, but as soon as she was no longer there, he was consumed by doubts.
She loved him so much and she just wanted him to hold her and kiss her better.

But she was mrslonelytroll so she dont get the happily ever after?
lonelymrstroll lonelymrstroll
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

very apt

.she wont give up on him