This Bird Needs Wings to Fly

I have always wanted to go to college.  high school was an awful experience for me, the social part, not the work part. i always made good grades. college life, i imagine, is probably so much more exciting. it seems like in college you are free to find yourself, be silly, love life, love someone or something with a passion, focus on important goals, but also goof around and have fun.  i have never been in this position before, so i like to pretend that i can be.  going to school has always been important to me, and when i was younger i had it all mapped out of how i wanted it to go. i was able to focus on things then.  but because of my problems, i feel beaten down, like i cant stand on my own without help.  oh well.  i hope this wasn't too boring.

ashleyray123 ashleyray123
Mar 5, 2009