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Please God Don't Let Me Wake Up Again....

I don't want to live anymore...can someone please help me, i want to die in my sleep but i want to make sure that the love of my life is there to hold me, so i can see her before i go...i have lost everything for her, she was my life.  i have nothing to live for.  i will never forget her. have been thinking about her every second for the past 2 years,  only if she were to feel my pain then she would realize how much i love her.
Lonely1019 Lonely1019 36-40 6 Responses May 26, 2010

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I pray for end of the world every day...

i want too die i want same pills too die???

even i feel the same my friend,i just don't know why god is not killing me when i don't want to b alive at all

oh.. i can really feel the pain when u say this, and i just don't get one thing why on the earth many people choose their soulmate such that they can't get loved back by the people they love


He already died,6months ago.After seeing his letter I know what true love means.I am his best friend even I feel guilty for not making him to live.His said in his letter "The person who knows about life he loves manytimes but the person who knows about love he only love onetime."

Anyone who'd post something like this has real mental problems.

Thank You for the advise,,,but at this moment the pain she has left me in is unreal, and my situation has gotten worse with her, and i would have considered to move on with my life if only she just would have told me that our love was real and not have made me feel like i was nothing to her after 7 years. and all i ever thought about was her.

I am regretful about your pain but would like to mention that most people are capable of loving more than one other person. I have met several in my life for instance, and I'm not even that into people... My recommendation would be to write truthful stories about yourself on sites such as this one until you find likeminded people. Best wishes...

Please dont insult my friend bcoz He died six months ago.He is different from others.I am seeing him since from my childhood.I havent seen such friend in my life,might be I cant see in future too.You can say that he has done big mistake,but his heart was very sensitive,he dont hurt others,he dont have anger and ego also.