I Want To Photograph A Woman In The Nude!

I am always "mentally undressing" women who are mature, and somewhere in my 60ish age range. I search the net for photos of naked women, mostly mature, who are posing nude or having sex. I collect the photos in a folder, and look at the slide shows every day.


I want to take these kinds of photos myself. I don't want sex with the women, but I want to be close to a nude woman while I photograph her, and possibly later share the photos on free, amateur photo sites. I especially would like to take photos of before/after shots, where they are clothed/nude on the same page, for comparison purposes.


Can anybody put me in touch with this type of situation, or give me advice (pro or con) regarding seeking out such a situation?


Thanks, Clutteredagain

clutteredagain clutteredagain
56-60, M
Mar 5, 2010