Christmas Break

Every year my family drives to another state to celebrate the holidays. This year I gained ten pounds. They have a fat boy my age and about half my size. They also have a fat father about five hundred pounds.

My father sleeps on a couch bed in their front room, my mom sleeps on a couch bed in their living room and the dad and mom sleep downstairs of course. I was in their guest room rubbing my belly and trying to get my breath back after tackling their stairs. My sister was asleep next to me. A knock came at the door. Then Jim the boy my age came in totally necked. I followed him to his room and he helped me out of my clothes and we rubbed each others bellies for about an hour.
FatTeen11 FatTeen11
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Sounds like you two had some fun! :)

I hope you eat well and prosper in 2013! --HXTP


R u gonna post more pics of ur bigger belly