I Hope 2 Meet a Friend That Actually Understands Me...

Most people have no clue how my life is... and sometimes i just wish i could have a little support  during my lifetime..... yea..... GOODLUCK 4 ME!!........Every1 could care less about how i feel!
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I just joined and have experienced similar for years. I am definitely an oddball but not by choice. I would say I am unusual, angry, and very intelligent. I have just posted my story on here today about all of the BS I have been through during the last 10 years, you are not alone.

When you are unusual I think life is harder. Unusual people are usually more sensitive. We think more. We are not the norm. We are therefore more interesting. I understand how you feel.<br />

Words are very powerful, when we say "Every1 could care less how I feel" can be a statement that keeps the reality of it alive, my kids from time to time will say "Everyone feels this way!" and I know it seems to cushion you when these words are said, but in reality we can actually make that happen. How do I know? I was one who did the same, everything I say and do is NOW positive, and the results are phenominal, I happen to care.. am I not everyone? You would be amazed... message me anytime, got the best ears, and would love to help get things more brighter fer ya!! k? *hugs* CindySue (Mystic)

Feel free to message me... that's exactly why I joined this thing. To get away from all teh fakeness of things like Myspace and just tell people how I feel about things - and maybe find some new friends who feel the same!!

thanx, i appreciate it......

Well whatever happens we are all here for you. Or at least I am.