Not Enough

I have had too many friends that only wanted me around when I was happy- they pushed me to the curb when I wasn't. They called me a crazy selfish ***** and left. I just want a friend that understands I am not perfect, but I will try to be a good friend even though I don't know if I can be right now.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

TRUTH SPOKEN THERE, with out doughts for shure! Your Story ecchoes Mine in some ways, 'kicked to the curb' that is an accurate way of putting it, and I will add that one to My vocabulary, If You Do Not Mind this. I had grown up being Critisized for Being the way that I am for 'loving Nature' for being a little 'Jungle Girl' For not being a typical little girl who loves'Pretending,and Playing dress-up' I have been Bullied, and made fun of, hazed then left quite alone afterwards,and now, even in Adult Life, Ihave delt with the pain of Judgement and Ridicule. It has only Been My Intrensic Nature Oof Kindness tword All life, that has been my salvationthis far,else wise,i would not be Here communicating to You. So Freind Of Mine, I EXACTLY Know Your Feelings for They are Quite Real to My Exprrience I have Lived them slept with them, and felt Them,so, I Completly Understand Them.If You Wish to Communicate to Me, You Can.

Take your time making friends. Watch and see how their actions line up with what they say. Good friendships are messy because it takes a lot of communication to sort things out that come up. Be friendly.<br />
We all have different levels of friendships like circles around us. Very, very few will know us intimately and it you have 1 friend that is like that you are ahead of the game. Next circle of friends will know us with our different parts, but not all the parts. We have those friends for different needs. The next level of friends are more of acquaintances and we may hang out with them, but they may not be trustworthy to handle deeper things. It's good to have all kinds. <br />
<br />
Here because we're anonymous, it's easier to get past the superficial stuff that some people put emphasis. <br />
<br />
You'll find friends here. <br />
You're always welcome to vent to me, <br />