I Wanna Be A Dude!

I hope to one day become a full guy as in appearance too. The reactions when I tell people has been laughter, disgust, shock, violence but mostly curiosity. I have a full wardrobe of nice male shirts and even a suit. I guess I'm happy I have learnt to express my 'inner guy' with confidence.

One day I hope to be a full guy and seen as one. Not just to those who do not judge and see me as a guy already but to the rest of the world. I am prepared to handle the worst of the world to be who I am.
drakneko drakneko
26-30, T
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I have the same dream.

Then good luck on your dream. I'm not very far along. I live as a boy in the sense that I wear boy clothes and use a boy name, do boy things...but it still says female on my license.

i hope you get to live your dream one day soon, i know what its like to be judged by close minded people too.... good luck dude... hugs

Thanks...eh I ignore the haters.