Smoke Free 14 Days Today!

I am smoke free 14 days today,4/6/10 but I am having problems I didn't know I would have this is worse than going through the change!! and I thought that was a nightmare!!   my breathing stinks! I am having a hard time breathing this has been for about 3 days now, I am going to the Dr's.   My attitude is horrible, I cry at everything, I eat everything.  I really want to do this but this is so hard,  are all these things a normal part of not smoking? My urge to smoke is not bad at all I have changed all my routines that associate me with smoking, someone please tell me how long does this last?? I feel like I have lost my mind! I can't concentrate, I am light headed I exercise for at least 40 min. every day on the treadmill. please help! Thanks

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3 Responses Apr 6, 2010

Hope you left the smokes behind a long time ago,your story dated 2010,i found going on here has distracted me from my normal routine that allowed smoking,now sharing my experiences helps,as i have been clean for 3 weeks now,how long does the craving period go on for?,three weeks has to be the limit!:)

Its easy,if there s no urge ,no smoking.Im off cigaretes about 20 days now, no urge and i have huge dislike towards cigars,good luck.

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it is hard but it does get easier as time goes by.i am 57 and i started smoking when i was a kid 12 or do the has been tougher than i thought but i have not smoked for almost 6months and i can tell you that it will get easier for you as time goes by.there are going to be those times when you get stressed for one reason or another.something at work or at home maybe.get past thing that actually worked for me was tootsie roll pops.and when you finished that just keep the stick there in place of the cigarette,it worked.anytime you are sort ofgoing nutty contact one of us.i am sure there are a ton of us folks that are out there.good luck,medtech,stick with it you will be ok