They have pizza there don't they? That is a good reason to visit i think.

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I can't share it...

You'll have to share it

The best in the world is from my grandma. She learned her recipes from her mom, and so on. That is all women did back then in her family was cook. There is just nothing better, not even close.

The best pasta I had was in NYC...that was amazing

Yeah Europe seems pretty small. I don't need the pasta though, i already have the recipe for the best sauce you could ever imagine to get.

Was in Rome for a wedding in 2008 and a few times before that too ... great place. Not just the pizza is fantastic ... best pasta too of course!!! Fabulous country ... a little chaotic but that's all part of the charm ... hope you get to go!!

Europe's small dude

Wow you live by a lot of countries.

MEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<br />
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Not far from here, a 2hr flight....

Just need to find who all is going with me.

Do it, it would be nice

Well i want to try it anyway.

They do, it's a little different to normal pizza though, I think it's on a thin base