Please Help The Food Banks, This KRAFT Promotion Won't Cost You A Single Penny!


KRAFT Canada has got this really awesome promotion going. For every 'KRAFT Peanut Butter Bear Hug' you send to someone, KRAFT will donate a jar of peanut butter to a local food bank.

I know the one I volunteer for sure could use the support and donation.

Again, it doesn't cost you a penny.

Don't be shy, hug everybody you know today! Please forward to anybody and everybody you think might like to help out.

(p.s feel free to leave a comment if you do this. it would be interesting to know how far this got around)

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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

They had a program like that here in the states as well. Plus one other food company tried it here as well but they made it so complicated it wasn't worth having to jump through so many hoops when you tried to log on I gave it up. Some sort of points system then they added up to something else you could choose for them to donate. Lots of confusion and not very good feedback from them when you did get points to use. I get a headache even talking about it.

Thanks for your comment. Kraft is pretty good at keeping things simple. They had another program this past summer called 'Share a Hug', or some such. You could go online and give a virtual hug and, every time you did, they would donate a jar of peanut butter to the food bank nearest to you. The peanut butter mascots, Crunchy & Smoothy, were also in various family places this past summer. Each time either of them received a real hug Kraft also donated a jar of peanut butter. I think the food bank I volunteer for ended up with about a truckload of peanute butter. It was very fun, and very cool. It was also such a complete joy to see kids and adults and complete families hugging those bears ...especially our new Canadians that would never have the chance to do anything like that in their home countries.
Good to know Kraft is doing it right.

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