Rise Above And Come Together

Maybe it's just that as I get older, I'm getting more observant, but it really seems like there is an influx of loud radical positions on various worldviews, philosophies, beliefs, and causes.

It is fascinating at best, but really it is a very scary and awfully sad.


Of course, we wouldn't want too many people to actually listen to and agree with any of the radical groups - they are generally very hate-filled (at best, not at all compassionate). 

What really gets me, though, is that people start defining groups of people by what the radicals are saying; which ironically enough creates a polar opposite radical group - where both then make sensationalist claims about the other seemingly in hopes to show why other people should not be like the opposing group.  A very hateful and non-productive environment is then created; meanwhile, the majority stays quietly in the middle.


Stereotypes are helpful to us as human beings, as a means of quickly "measuring-up" a person, but it is so important, especially now as the radicals get louder, to understand the viewpoints of individuals (and be open to broaden the database of stereotypes in our minds).


Just a few examples:

"Muslims attacked America"

"Christians are narrow-minded"

"Feminists are man-haters" 

"A person can't believe in God if he accepts evolution"

"Black men don't make good husbands"

"Only homosexuals get AIDS"

"Republicans are stupid"

"Democrats are socialists"


Come, on, people!  With our world getting smaller, as we are able to communicate with more people more quickly, we should be able to bridge the gaps, and come to mutual understandings of what it is we really believe.  Let's come together with the things that are important to us all, rather than trying to prove "other guy" wrong. 

We are spending so much time arguing that we are forgetting what really matters to us.


Even if we don’t agree on every little thing:

Person-to-person, we have the ability to share mutual desires and heartache.

People-to-people, we can accomplish so much and free ourselves from so much pain.

I promise - it won't dilute your beliefs; on the contrary, you may find that it strengthens your conviction.

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"To insult another point of view is a sign of weakness. To instead offer a challenge to an apposing point of view giving them opportunity to debate it is a sign of strength." ; author unknown.

So true, but what I see many anti-feminists do so often is attack you, call you names, make false accusations about you, and block you if you offer a challenge to an opposing point of view and give them the opportunity to debate it.

When they do that it speaks volumes to me about the kind of person they are as an individual.

You see that is just the thing. If you flat out ask me, I will tell you I am anti-feminist. I do not want feminism. But at the same time that is what I want. I know I am one person. The reason I do not want feminism is because I do not want someone else asserting their ideas upon me. For the same reason I do not want to assert my own ideals upon others. So I have to have respect for those that do want feminism in their own life. Myself? I sure as hell don't want it! But I know others do. So long as they can respect my boundaries, I will respect theirs.

I agree with you and DO respect your boundaries. The only time I assert my ideas on an anti-feminist is when they attack me and other feminists, and make mean, hateful comments about us and accuse us of things that aren't true. That is when I provide them with an opposing point of view based on the fact that they are being hateful and I know that much of what they have written about all, or most, feminists absolutely isn't true.

As stated in the post that ladyfound provided a link to below, most feminists are individuals, so lumping us all into the same category and claiming we all think and act the same way couldn't be more incorrect.

I do not want someone else constantly bashing me, accusing me of things that aren't true, and lecturing me about their ideals, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, and negative views concerning feminism, feminists, and women in general, which is something I constantly see many of the anti-feminist/MRAs doing here on EP. Even though I don't like this, and don't want them doing it, I don't consider myself to be an anti-feminist hater or an anti-MRA, because I have actually met some of them who are decent, upstanding, kind, honorable people.

The only thing I would tend to disagree with you on is your feeling that simply because you do not want feminism because you don't want someone else asserting their ideas upon you, that makes you an anti-feminist. I know lots of people who feel the same way about many groups, movements and organizations, but instead of putting the word "anti" before the names of the organizations they don't want to deal with, they just use the word "non". I have friends who call themselves non-feminists, and we get along great talking about all kinds of things, sharing our views on things, sharing our ideas about things, debating about things, etc. . . . except for feminism :-)

unfortuantely quick 4 word sentences are typically all the intellectional space that people have. We do have responsibilities to see and and think beyond words and almost everything is down to symantics. Teaching everyone to see with a critical eye and understand the relationships and even meaning of words are key to a higher level of understanding and responsibility.

I honestly think its better to teach everyone to see with an open-minded, objective, but observant eye, rather than a "critical eye" because viewing things with a critical eye will usually cause someone to be a pessimist and see things in a negative way, rather than an optimist who views things in a positive way.

What a great story, and so very true. This is exactly how I feel. I get so frustrated when so many of the MRAs and anti-feminists here on EP constantly claim that "all" feminists are like the extreme radical separatist feminists, and that those feminists represent feminism, even when we have proven to them over and over again that that is not true.

It is frustrating to hear people who are not part of a group or movement, and who obviously don't know as much about it as the people who are, constantly label the group or movement a particular way, and make false claims about "all" the members. People like that are such closed minded know-it-alls who only see things as black or white, and pigeon hole all of us without viewing us as the individuals that we obviously are. Their hypocrisy is overwhelming at times. They continuously do to other people what they admonish others for allegedly doing to them.

"Anti" anything is so negative term. I really wish that they would just express the particular things they are against, instead of constantly falsely claiming that everyone who is part of a group or movement is in favor of what they are against, and as a result being against everyone who is a member of that group or movement without even knowing anything about any particular member and viewing them as an individual. I am not an "anti" anything. I am not a republican, but I am not an anti-republican who thinks all republicans are like the most extreme, conservative, right wing republicans. I see them as individuals. I am not an MRA, but I am not an anti-MRA, and I am certainly NOT an anti-male, man-hater as so many of the anti-feminists claim all feminists are. I am happily married to a wonderful, powerful, successful, masculine man who I love deeply. I also have two sons who I love so much, as well as brothers, a father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, friends, colleagues, etc. who are all men that I adore. I don't dislike anyone because they are part of a particular group or anything like that until they give me a very good reason to dislike them as an individual.

Great example - I hope one day to see this group filled with stories of the real-truth explanations of the differences.
I know, my first reaction when I see someone make a comment regarding a group with which I identify, I want to point out that what they are describing is more associated to the person than it is the thing they are talking about.
At the end of the day though - that is a point that often goes nowhere fast. It's like someone telling you that the person you think murdered your friend was just proven innocent - even in the face of all the logical evidence, it's a hard pill to swallow because what's the other option when that's the only reality you've let enter into your world so far: it's possible though, you just have to make the difficult active choice to hold the truth in higher regard than your own conclusions and have to be always open to the idea that you might not know the whole truth. I'm saying "you", but I don't mean "you", I should be saying "one" or "he", but I'm too tired for proper English right now;).

Oh, I think you may like this:

Thanks, and I knew exactly what you meant.

So true! Well said.

I'll add to the list of absurd associations:
"Pro-choice = Pro-abortion",
"Pro-life = woman-haters",
"Cross-dressers are gay",
"BDSM = abuse",
"submissive = oppressed"