People Are So Judgemental

               I recently realized that a lot of people dont like me. i dont know these people that well,
but its because of the fact that im pretty shy and have slight social anxiety. once i get to know a person, im not afraid to
open up, but if i dont talk to them, they think im a ***** or something. i guess i can see where theyre coming from, 
but if youre not wiiling to get to know the person to confirm that or not, then that makes you kind of the *****. 
                   i hate having people hate me for dumb reasons
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18-21, F
6 Responses Jul 28, 2010

people arent friendlly to me either if they're around me its ussually to embarress me or pick on me .i dont judge them for what they do to me its just not my way

yeah that happens to me when i start a new school cuz i naturally looked pissed off so all the guys wanna fight me and all the girls think im hella mean:P and dark angel is 100% right haha right wen they get to know me they always so surprised at my grammar and kindness lol i hate people that judge!!

The same thing happens to me. Because I'm shy and quiet, people think I'm stuck up and bitchy, and when they really get to know me, they exclaim in surprise, "Oh, you're actually very nice!". -_-


haha, thanks :D

i dont hate u lol, im sorry