Who were you?

Someone we read about. Exchanged a few messages with. Were inspired by.  

We were encouraged by you. Quietly, we learned about you. A man who loved his family. Someone who hated his cancer for what it did to his wife. To his children. He didn't talk a lot about the pain it caused him. Just about hating being away from his family.

I got a message from DAVIDinIRELAND's wife today. He is no longer fighting the disease. He passed away last month. He hasn't been active in a while. Not since this last set of treatments. A lot of you newer people probably don't remember him. But he was a good man.

He had a mission here. "If you find a lump, anywhere, get it checked out." He wanted to spread the word. To keep this from happening to others. But what he did instead was show an amazing strength of spirit. Positivity in the face of death. I remember in the Q&A, a few months back, David answered a question. I can't remember exactly the question. It was some inane question about being old at 40. His answer was about not caring how it was viewed. He just wanted to live. To continue to exist.

Sobering at the time.  

Sports cars and vacations and popularity...they don't mean much in the face of death.

And I sit here at my keyboard. Crying. Thinking about how life throws curves sometimes. Of how a sick man reached across the ocean and touched lives in the midst of his own suffering. And I take another lesson from DAVIDinIRELAND. Life is precious. So very, very precious. And whatever demons we're fighting, we are alive.

Hug your children. Your family. Your friends. If you have none of these, go outside and breathe deeply of the air. Be thankful that you're alive. That you are still breathing. Still around to fight another day. Find something simple to smile about and realize that the old cliche is true.

Each day is a gift.

Take a moment today, and think of a lady in Ireland who is spending her 18th wedding anniversary mourning the death of her husband. Of two little girls who no longer have their father. And be thankful for what you have. Remember David with me, and try to have some hope for tomorrow. As long as we're here, things can always get better.
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*hugs KylieGirl*

Read his stories, sharossody. You'll be inspired.

I never knew the man, but from the tributes left here for him, I am sure he will be sitting on a cloud, thanking each and everyone for their kind words... may you rest in peace David....S

I think that can happen to the best of us. :-/

Thanks ABL and Nonplus. : )

Yeah, thanks for sharing this. He sounds like a good and brilliant guy, and I feel for all that knew him.

Thanks for reading, Dorothy. You should go to his page and look through his stories. His legacy will do your heart good to read.<br />
<br />
Scooby, yeah, you and I have talked about him. : ) I thought it was very kind of his wife to take the time to log in here and tell some people what had happened. She doesn't know us, but we've heard about her through him. I have been thinking a lot about her this weekend...someone I have never talked to, but share in her grief. EP brings some strange connections, doesn't it?

I knew you had been wondering for quite a while. I am sorry for all of your losses. So sad.*hugs*

I didn't know this man, but your story is a great inspiration and thought for the day - so thanks to him for reminding all of us, through you, to just be thankful for life!!!<br />
<br />
I am sorry for your loss, we don't have to know someone beyond here to feel a sadness when we lose them!!<br />
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I am glad that you didn't let "feeling weird" stop you from posting this story!

<i>People and their stories touch our lives</i><br />
<br />
You said it, sameolstory. I hope my writing will be around after I'm gone. <br />
<br />
I felt a little weird about posting this story, but I knew he'd been in my thoughts often. Wondering. Hoping. I knew others must have felt the same. : (<br />
<br />
I know how many he touched here. Anyone who came in contact with him couldn't help it. Always asking about others first. A good man indeed.

Thanks for this, Glow. I didn't know David had passed away and I am so very sorry to hear it.<br />
<br />
I met David not long after I first landed here at EP. I was touched enough by one of his stories to message him and tell him so. We messaged back and forth a bit, and I remember telling him that his stories were so heartfelt and affecting that I believed they were good enough to be published, and encouraged him to try to do so. With characteristic humility, he said he didn't think they were, but I was happy to later find out that he'd had some published online. His words are his legacy, and I hope they will continue to inspire and help cancer victims even now that he is gone. Rest in peace, David, and blessings to your loving wife and children you had to leave behind.

sounds like an amazing man! my thoughts and prayers go out to all that are saddened by the loss of him! hugs to you glowy!

Thank you Glow...I met David here when I was pretty new and just started to become friends. He was special...well he IS special cause his kindness and empathy and strength and courage live.<br />
I wish I had better words. David touched me. I so wish David had more tomorrows.