Trouble Is A Friend Of Mine

but sadly, that is what you have been doing these days. we sit talk eat or just walk.. you can always think of the most unlikely things to say and that would ruin our mood and the next best thing is that, it would be my fault, why? because i didn't tell you. if it feels so good to blame everything on me, if you feel like every single thing about me is very very wrong, i suggest that we stay away from each other. you have a problem that you can't resolve, i have resolved mine long time ago but why can't you do the same. you just said that you cant never forget it or not think about it or talk about it. we stayed in the city, always something new everyday to fight about. we stay here far away from the city, always the same old thing to fight about... i was actually very neutral with you, i didn't even pick which topic to talk about... but hey, the blame's always on me. and you can tell me, that you were being polite and nice. you think if you threw bullsht at someone, they are just gonna tell you "don't worry dude, it's just bullsht... it will go away." seriously.. i can't even....
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 24, 2010