Only One Thing That Matters For 2013

My son and his health. Period. Hoping the nightmare for all of us will be over soon
prettyinpink prettyinpink
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

ep tells me i'm not subscribed to your story any more and don't know why because I always think of you and your son and trust things go well for him in re-hab.
Sending you prayers always.

I hope everything is going good for you and your son, hope everything is all right

well he's been out of rehab for 2 weeks now....not as happy as he was....hoping he's not backsliding into himself again..thanks for your concern

You're welcome

For the sake of you and your son, I hope so too.

Me too sweet friend,

Continueing to pray each day for both of you.
My Soul...why are u disquietened within me? You will yet have cause to praise the Lord!
Waiting and trusting for the day and we will see, it will come to pass. big HUGS to u both