2013 : Reaching Hopes And Dreams / Changing Myself

It was just a few hours before New Year, I was sitting at the tram heading to the Melbourne CBD and my thoughts just came through and recapping my last 18 years throughout my overal existence (as if I was examining my life) and I concluded that I it was a very rough ride for me - not that rough but rough. During the NYD party the song Gangnam Style was played. I counted down, fireworks shoot up the sky and it was New Year of 2013. I looked up in the sky believing that its not just ''next year'' is going to better, but my future as well. I have a lot to give just to reach my goals and dreams. Not only that I have change my personality / my character just to ensure that I'm normal to people. But one thing for sure that I have in mind is that 18 years was a bad experience - from family to friends to everyone, I don't want for this to repeated again no matter what, not history is making my life repeated, I NEED my next 18 years to be a bang, I want this year to be a change for my own sake! I want my future to be bright, leaving my past behind - as the ''hope'' will be my motto this year. Its now time for me to move on, move forward - chase for the big prize I always imagined.

After new years party, the first song that I played on my phone, after the party and on this year, was Walk by the Foo Fighters. It realised me that, throughout my existence, ever since I was born, was an experience. Now, the is past is the past, I have to walk again, being reborn, reaching my hopes and dreams for the better of myself, for the better future. Its not going to be an easy ride, its not like is going to be a straight line, but i'm creating the path for the better. My journey might be different from others, but who are they too judge? they haven't walk my journey. ( quote : don't judge my path,if you haven't walked my journey.) I have created my plans and resolutions for the next 18 years (short term, intermediate and long term) throughout my trips, mostly on the train where I can have a lot of time to think, but it is complete with some few modifications - this will be done when i'll be on my way to Brisbane from Sydney and forcing it once im back home.

So this is my late story (i was supposed to post it after the new years) and this is my first story of the year. So Happy (Belated) New Years 2013 to ALL OF YOU in EP! :), I hope you have a fabulous 2013 ahead of you guys! Be hopeful and think always positive in your life! loves xx
regieJR regieJR
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013