Oh, My. This Is So True of Me.


Yes, i'm horney!!!!! Most all the time every day i want a man.

i want him inside me now. i want to feel his hard c*ck going deep inside me and filling me. i want to feel his c*ck slide in and out of me. i want him to c*m inside me.

Some times my thoughts seem to over power me and this desire is never totally gone.

Sometimes more intense than at other times, none the less always there.

i want him sooooooo bad!

Am i a nymphomaniac or something? Am i a female, that eats, breathes, and lives for sex?

Golly, i want to know.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
12 Responses Feb 26, 2009

So true. I want someone to kiss my neck while going lower and lower until they are down with my vigina and lick it hard, lick it fast and I can feel the intense but good feeling inside me, and then he goes inside me with his big fat **** and goes a bit slow at first but then it goes after and faster and I can feel the intense ****** coming closer and closer and then feel him shoot his *** into my virgina....

i like that

what do you suggest uf i move move near you

You got me horny

Yes I am horney!!!! Almost every minute of every day. I can go and go, and then go some more. Unfortunately, although she does like sex, my wife could go for a week and not miss it. Worse yet, she is really only interested in a half hour or less when we do have sex. I can go for hours and sometimes find myself leaving the bedroom to have myself another ****** or two on my own....I love her dearly and would not think of leaving or cheating........Help!

I became just horney reading ur thoughts

You ********** a lot? How often, for how long, and most times how?

Wish you were here for a few hours of hot wet sex!

Thats pretty normal Josie it just a lot of people are ashamed to admit this because of the stereotypes that comes with it! But you're good!!!

Yes I want to lick a big **** and your *****

You aren't alone, Josie. I feel the same way. I can never get enough, NEVER. I think about sex all the time, all kinds of sex.<br />
Wouldn't it be nice to have someone you could just **** whenever you wanted to and he would just stay away otherwise? I would love that!!

Sounds to me like you're a lady who wants what's missing from her life. I'd call that normal. ((((Josie))))