My Boyfriend's Brother In Law Is Making Life Hell

Me and my bf have been together for over three years and want to get married, have children, etc. Well I've recently moved in with him and unfortunately it's a duplex and his bil lives right next door. Before i moved in with him i lived two hrs away and only got to see him every other weekend and during the summer, when he wasn't working, and now we're spending more time together to make up for lost time. The problem is that my bf's brother in law is throwing fits left and right. We were sharing his internet and paying half the bill because it was cheaper but every time he would ask us to do stuff (which was pretty much everyday) and we would say no, he would disconnect the internet and say he was just going to give us our money back because we never spend time with him, even though he barges through our door and ******* to us about his "hard" life everyday. Then, every time that happens, he would come over the next day and act like nothing is wrong and that were best friends again. Just recently he barged through the door asking if we wanted to watch a movie with him and he wanted us to do it right then and there, well we were busy. I was cooking and and we had a movie on already. He threw a fit, told me to shut the **** up, and then said to disconnect from the internet and had his PREGNANT wife come over and take all his stuff out of our closet. BY HERSELF. my bf offered to help carry it and she said that my bf's bil said she had to do it by herself. After that, he texted my bf's friends and asked him to come over. Well the walls are paper thin and we could hear everything. Now he's trying to start **** with my bf's friends because when he got there the bil started telling him lies and stuff saying my bf was gonna hit him and that i was probably cheating on my bf and other personal things about myself. Idk why he would share my personal life with someone i don't really know. It's rude and disrespectful and I wouldn't do that to him. What should I do? He won't stop.
LostatSea02 LostatSea02
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012