For Those Lying Friends <3

you know the kind, the ones that complain about everything and lie to make their self "look" better but when you need to complain uhhh ohhh they are busy, or will call you later... you have sat up all night listening to them complain but they cant give you 30 seconds.. lol for you, your unbelievable and dont deserve good friends. ;p


You burden me with your questions
You'd have me tell no lies
You're always asking what it's all about
But don't listen to my replies
You say to me I don't talk enough
But when I do I'm a fool
These times I've spent, I've realized
I'm going to shoot through
And leave you

The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say
You're unbelievable

You burden me with your problems
By telling me more than mine
I'm always so concerned
With the way you say
You've always go to stop
To think of us being one
Is more than I ever know
But this time, I realize
I'm going to shoot through
And leave you

Seemingly lastless, don't mean
You can ask us
Pushing down the relative
Bringing out your higher self
Think of the fine times
Pushing down the better few
Instead of bringing out the clues
To what the world and everything anger to
Brace yourself with the grace of ease
I know this world ain't what it seems.

What the **** was that
It's unbelievable
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2012

Im only 4 years younger than you mister. lol And its not just one or two friends, it seems that all the friends that i have had over the years are not as genuine as they make themselves out to be except one but shes in the right place now smiling down on the earth lol. Whats wrong with people these days? The funny part is when you call them out on being a bad friend and you stop talking for a while then they try to weave their way back into your life promising to be better and you let them back in and the "act" last for a little while and they go right back to doing you the same way. I never repeat myself more than once, if they dont treat me how i treat them then i wont try to change them or be mean to them or point it out to them again, ill just stop talking to them and being there when they need me. i think thats fair game.

You know for someone your age I will admit I AM IMPRESSED. You have a great head on your shoulders (and your poems are really good). No worries though cause I can assure you EVERYONE has at least one person in their lives that does this no matter how old they are. I myself am 25 and I have 1 male and 1 female friend who do EXACTLY THAT. It does suck cause you think you have a genuine friend and then it really does bother you when they show there true colors. You are correct in saying that they don't deserve good friends cause they won't realize what they had until it's gone.