It Makes My Heart Go-dum-dum-ditty

Shazam-you can hear me work it if you wish.

I started in early 1987,been on something like a half dozen stations-NONcommercial,damn right.

a few of my EP stories tell of various aspects of my rise and fall...for the last few years it's been me going at it steady with "the D-program" sunday afternoon,"the Moon Over Bohemia show"tues nights,then I follow that with an hour of spoken word selections I call "Tales from Gypsy Campfires..."

a few,a very few from EP have heard me,they can tell you if it's good or not,I don't know,it ebbs and flows like with any improvisational art...

dubkebab dubkebab
46-50, M
1 Response Apr 30, 2010

...and I recently cancelled "the D-program" which hurts in some ways,but has been freeing me up for other things.And I'm considering scaling back on the spoken word hour for various reasons,possibly to focus on more experimental mixing during that hour.