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I recently posted this ad on Craigslist. This is the link but it will probably be gone in a few days.

***** Poker - My Rules
6 guys needed for a game of ***** poker. Any age - I'm 39 bl/blue/7" uncut 165lbs
You don't have to be an expert to play. You might enjoy this game if you are terrible at poker and lose every hand.

5 for the game (I will be the 6th player) and one will be the servant who will perform certain duties during the game.

Each player will wear pair of shoes, pair of socks, one top, pair of pants and one pair of underwear.

Loser of each hand removes one item of clothing until naked. Once naked the first penalty will be to perform 10 jumping jacks.

Once naked you cannot win any clothing back.

The game will continue and as each player gets naked they will also perform the first penalty.
If you lose a hand when you are naked you will pick a "penalty" from a hat and perform it. The penalties go from mild to wild.

I have them all made out here are samples of them.

Get on all fours naked. A second member of the team must pull your **** down and back between your legs, showing the group your butt-hole, balls and **** for 60 seconds.
Get on all fours naked. Each guy gets to spank your *** five times.
Get on all fours naked. Each guy gets to give twenty (20) strokes on your ****.
Stand up and stroke your **** for two minutes (and don't ***).
Kiss the servant boy's penis.
Lick a guy's balls for 3 minutes.
Lay back flat on the table or floor, grab your ankles with your hands and spread your legs open for 60 seconds
Stand up with the servant boy's back to your chest. Reach around and play with his penis for 3 minutes.

This will be a lot of fun and very erotic.
WIthin minutes I had a number of "applicants" and after a while of looking at pics and weeding out the weirdo's I came up with 5 other players and the servant boy. I contacted everyone, we all shared emails and set this up for the following night.

The servant boy showed up 15 minutes before everyone else was due so he could get ready. He was in his mid 20's, trim and tanned. I gave him a shot of tequila, took him upstairs and told him to get undressed. I watched as he bashfully ******** in front of me. I told him that he can't be shy or this will not work. Once he was undressed I gave him a little tug and his **** grew a little. This should be good. I took him back downstairs and the doorbell rang. I went with the servant boy to answer the door. When he opened it there were three of the players. One was a queen in his 40's who squealed when he saw he was naked and gave his *** a little slap. They came in and couldn't take their eyes of him. A few minutes later the other two players arrived. The game was on.

We all sat around the table and got the game rolling.

The servant served us drinks and snacks the players were allowed to grope and fondle him anytime they wanted. He soon got used to this and sported a huge erection which bobbed about as he moved around serving us. We were pulling on it and rubbing it and soon he had pre-*** leaking from the tip. I told him he can't come until I tell him to. He nodded and stared at the floor.

One guy lost all his clothes in like the first six hands we all thought he'd lost them on purpose so he did the jumping jacks first which was funny. He had a hard-on and it was bouncing all over. As payback we all said he will have to do a penalty we all agree on and not from the pot if he lost again. Not long after he lost again and we all decided he had to lay on his back with his legs spread and knees to his chest while he fingered himself. Servant boy then placed a butt plug in his *** and he had to keep it in place for the rest of the game.

After a while most of us were naked and at the penalty stage there were some pretty humiliating and erotic poses. They included kissing the servants ****, laying on your back with your knees to your chest exposing yourself. Getting 20 strokes of your **** by all the players and not coming. Lick someones balls for 1 minute. Blow someone during a full hand. Get fingered by someone, finger someone. Get 5 slaps on the *** by all players. Stand behind the servant and play with his **** for 90 seconds. There was no coming allowed during the game and that was pretty difficult sometimes.

By the end of the game everyone was mega horny and we had fun a few of the guys ****** but I'm not into that so I had the servant service me any way I wanted. I came three times that night and I got a hard-on now just thinking about it.

If you have any other suggestions for other games or penalties I'd love to hear them
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

what a great game. I would love to join in, Might have to learn to play poker just so I can host a game.

i'm leaking again, i'm gonna have to *** soon. the neighbors can hear my grunts.

I'm so jealous! great story keep them *******!