Milky Jugs

It is my fantasy to work in a place where I sit in a booth with a sign of "Milky jugs available inside" hung out and then people are allowed to come in one by one and suck whenever they are hungry and leave. People from their workplace can come for a break during work. Men out on walks and women out shopping can all come to feed as long as they want
warm4u warm4u 22-25, F 17 Responses Sep 10, 2011

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Is it free or cost associated. Can I be your customer.

I would love a job like that too :)

that would be so me! Id love to suck on your beautiful milky *******. And love the great experience of titfeeding! Please send me pics of your **** to *** on ok? .

wow! sounds so great. How about ******* over to my place and we can do that fantasy as I have male and female friends willing to do so.

Im really thirsty. Please let me drink from you sweetie.

Im really thirsty. Please let me drink from you sweetie.

Sounds great! Can you hire me? Id love an ANR relationship with you! Any chance of pics of you to send me? Please do at: thanks.

I would come in and suckle both breasts dry


WoW !!!!! Demand hightens production, with the volume of willing sucklers you would surely be producing a huge supply. What a fabulous way to have lunch and coffee breaks would turn into milk breaks. Not sure I for one could adhere to a time limit at your breasts though. GREAT fantasy

wouldnt that be fun & exciting. i am sure the productivity would increase

Oh, I would love to work with you there... we can sit together and give our services all day long :)

Come round and sunbathe in my garden

How about sitting by my pool instead ? xx

I love your vision, but with you in that tent the line would make the DMV look like an empty drive thru.

I would get fired if that ever existed , especially with the jugs I see in your picture

I would come by and stay all day everyday

It would beat working at Starbucks... I think that kind of set-up would be very cool. I'd be back every day. I wonder if you'd get to know how each of us suckled, and have favorite drinkers of your milky jugs ?