First Time For My Wife And I

It just happened less than a couple hours ago. We went to a friends house for dinner and drinks as was another couple. The three couples sat around after dinner and had way too many drinks and soon the husband of the host couple came walking out to the patio area wearing only a robe. As soon as I saw this I thought or knew it was going to get interesting. At my wife’s insistence I took off my shorts and shirt and joined him in the hot tub. My wife was saying that she knew it would help my bad back and that she knew I would want to get in but I would need a little push and she was there for just that push. I asked if I got in would she? She assured me that if I did she would. Now you have to realize that we had never done anything like this and was shocked she had reacted like this. Also understand that I have always fantasized of seeing her with another man. Trying to keep this short we all ended up naked and in the tub. It started out with everyone sitting i there corner but soon my wife was sliding toward the host and his corner, from there the party continued to where someone was getting in or out of the tub getting drinks for the crowd or going to the bathroom. After an hour or so the other 2 woman had got out but my wife stayed with the three guys and was constantly with the host. She would look at me once in awhile and whispers “save me" and of course I would act like I was offering her another drink and she would slide back to my area. To be honest I couldn’t tell if she was concerned if I was mad or she was uncomfortable. I thought he may be grabbing a feel when he could but when the other guy got out and was getting ready to take a picture of my wife and the two remaining guys it was then I saw him holding my wife's **** right there for the photo!! It was so hot to see another guys hand firmly messaging her lovely 32c size **** right in front of me. There were time I was holding her hand as she was jamming to the music in a up and down motion while sitting on his legs. They were close enough that I was sure if he was hard she would feel it rubbing along her lower back and I would just hold her hand and stare right into her eyes trying to figure out what she was experiencing. When we took a pee break we talked for a moment and I told her how erotic it was and if she enjoyed it just go with it, she asked if I was ok with it and when I told her yes and I found it erotic she agreed to go back in. When we returned to the tub, the wife had made her husband get out since he was getting too drunk so we never did get to see how far this would have gone. But let me tell you from a cuck wannabe, this was hotter than hell. It may not be as exciting as many other stories on EP but it was a huge start for me.
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Damn that's hot. Do u both want to come to our hot tub?? Hehe

nice story pity about the end

every jouney starts with a first step. try a nude resort next if she is really ready and too close to home has other dangers.

nice story as well

good story and it will get to go again just give it time mine did

Have you ever thought of doing it again and see how far it would go.

was a great story my wife has been naked in hot tubs and ****** by her friends will tell story sometime

Wow, very hot...and perhaps a great opening for more cuck discussion with your wife...could lead to a lot more of what you desire.

That was as actually BETTER than a lot of stories on here. Now my wife and I gotta read your other stories to see what happens next. Bravo!

thk you for your lovely erotic story..husband and I love hot tub fun in public

Group Hot Tub experiences with fun loving and open minded couples are always great. Thanks for sharing this story. As an old frequent hot tub'r myself, I loved reading it. It reminded me of many experiences from the past, and makes me want to have a part and invite some folks over this weekend! Thanks again - TWOF

Hot story. I would love to see my wife enjoy herself that way. My wife is way too shy to do that, but it would definately turn me on