Ski Trip

I recently went on a ski trip with a large group from a friends residence at school. We went for the weekend, 2 nights, and stayed in a resort by the hill. All of the rooms at the resort had hot tubs, which I didn't know before hand so I neglected to bring a swim suit.

Anyways, there were 10 people staying in our room at the resort, so we had good times just chilling in our room after a day on the hill, and somebody piped up that we should hop in the hot tub. So everybody went and changed into their swim suits, leaving me just standing there, not sure what to do. After they were all in the tub, my friend asked me if I was going to join them, and I told him I didn't have my suit there, and I didn't want to get my underwear soaked since I didn't bring very many clothes.

I'm usually not very shy about my body, but this was in front of 8 people I barely knew, so I just hung out on the deck beside the hot tub with them. However after a half hours or so, I was starting to freeze out on the deck, so I went back inside to warm up. After I had warmed up a bit, one of the girls, Alicia, came inside and asked me if I wanted to come in now. I couldn't see her since she was in the kitchen, and I was watching a bit of TV under a blanket to warm up, so I said "I still didn't have a swimsuit", in a teasing voice, and she said, "Neither do I!", jumping in front of the TV startling me. And no she did not have one, she was butt naked (and very gorgeous too!), her boobs still jiggling. I laughed and said I'd be glad to join her, as I grabbed a towel and ******** off on my walk to the hot tub with her.

Before we got there, she stopped and told me, "Oh, yeah, we're the only ones naked right now!", so I replied "And that matters?" as I stepped out the door and went to the hot tub, greeted by cheers I announced this is now a nude hot tub. To which I was treated to tops flying off and boobs a bouncing, as well as trunks sliding down, revealing that all the guys were sporting raging hard-ons. By the time Alicia got in, there was no more room to sit, so I gladly spread my legs and gave her a small seat between my legs :)
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Great story! I have swam in public pools in my underwear when I didn't have a swimsuit with me, but being naked is definitely better.

Nice story, you all handled it well....

Anything else happen on that ski trip after you got in the hot tub.

A few years back .... I did a ski trip to Colorado for some naked time lol and then one to Vermont as well !!! Gotta love skiing all Day drinking and naked hot tub at night !!!!

Hats off to Alicia to getting the nude hot tub going for you!


Being the first person naked in a tub is a tough job, but then again, somebody's got to do it, and in this case, it worked out well for you all. Good story, very well told. Thanks, and may it be the first of many many more. - TWOF

Proper hot tubbing!