Testing The Waters

Being naked in the hot tub is not something new for me, nor for my wife, as we do it every chance we get when we are visiting her parents' cabin. We’ve had sex in their hot tub, on the deck of the hot tub, and many other places around the cabin many times as well.  But it is only when we are alone, much to my disappointment, and certainly not because I don't try to instigate it!
Every year for the past three years our Triathlon Club has participated in a race that starts just down the river from the cabin.  Every year we have several members from our club come to the cabin for training weekends prior to the race, and the weekend of the race as participants or volunteers.  It's always a fun group, and it's always a party!  There are lots of very sexy women in our club, some married that come with and without their spouses, some divorced, and some never married; so there are a good variety of possibilities.  I guess I should mention the same for the guys, but this isn’t about the guys - I'm interested in the possibilities with the ladies!
It's a constant mantra from me, teasing the group about hitting the hot tub naked, but it never seems to come to fruition for one reason or another.  So this past weekend was race weekend, and Sunday night after the race we were all celebrating and feeling no pain.  Some people had to leave that night as they had to work the following Monday, but most stayed, including myself.  It got late, it got dark, and one of the divorced ladies (Jamie - close to our same age) asked if anyone was going to hot tub.  She mentioned she didn't have a suit, and I quickly offered up going in naked!  Everyone chuckled, and not sure of how my wife would react, she quietly declined my offer.  My wife, being about the same size, did offer her the use of a bathing suit though.  The night wore on, and soon most everyone was headed off to bed.  As I was about to go in, she asked if I was still planning on going in the hot tub.  I asked her if we were going naked, and she giggled and said no.  "OK, I'll join you" I said.
Now I have to mention that a few hours earlier, over dinner, we were all talking about relationships, and Jamie had mentioned she had broken up with her most recent boyfriend because he was too demanding of her time.  In all her comments that night, the one I liked the best was when she said, "Sometimes I wish I could just get a booty call".  Knowing Jamie though, and her relationship with my wife, I knew that having sex with her without my wife explicitly telling her it was OK (and that wasn't happening) was risky to attempt and basically out of the question.  So as the lights were turned off so everyone could go to sleep, I changed into my suit and headed to the hot tub.  Believe me, I was well prepared to ***** down if the opportunity presented itself, but I was not going to get myself into trouble, nor did I want to ruin our friendship.
Jamie came down in her sports bra and a pair of daisy duke shorts (I had commented on how hot they looked on her earlier in the evening).  We got in the hot tub, which was WAY too hot, and after about 20 minutes got out and called it a night.  Yeah I know - not very climactic - but it wasn't a total loss...
So I crawl into bed, and my wife is still awake and very horny.  This is unusual for her, especially since she just finished racing a half ironman triathlon that morning.  She started making out with me, and then asked if I enjoyed being naked with Jamie in the hot tub.  I asked her why she thought I would do that, and she said, "Because Jamie never got a swimsuit from me".  To test the waters a little, I asked, “Are you OK with that?”  She didn’t answer, just grabbed my **** and started rubbing the tip up and down her wet ***** and over her engorged ****.  She never answered my question, and soon I was buried deep inside her and we were making passionate love until we both came.  When we were finished, I confessed to her that no, we didn't hot tub naked, that Jamie had worn her cutoff jeans and a sports bra.  I asked her if the thought of me naked with Jamie is what got her so worked up, and her reply was "No, it was just me".
I don't know if I quite buy her answer though - what do you all think?
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

She could be testing the water. But next time you have the event again make a pass at jamie while your wife is there. IF your wife is OK with . Then go for it and try for a three some

Women like hot men who attract other women. She obviously had erotic thoughts of some other babe prancing naked for you. Carpe Diem!