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Sexy Summer Of 2013

I have written about my long time black lover in a few of my stories. Oliver is
a college educated nice looking and fit black man who is blessed with a very
thick **** that is over nine inches. He is an absolute perfect fit for me petite ***** and makes me *** SO hard and often I am addicted to it.

I never have thought I was the only white woman he was having sex with, but as time has gone on, I have found that he has several steady **** buddies. His favorite, I think is a beautiful light skinned black woman who is a model in San Francisco. My husband and I have had dinner with both of them on a couple of occasions when she has been in the Portland area. She has NO idea I am having sex with him more than she does.

Recently, I met another white girl he has known for some time from Vancouver B.C. who was visiting on vacation with some relatives and friends. Oliver asked me if it would be possible for them to visit our oceanfront vacation home at the central Oregon coast. I arranged to take a few days off to have them come down to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having this Summer.

My husband couldn't get away during the week, so it turned out that Oliver and his "girlfriend" along with three other couples came down. There were two black men and one white along with three other white girls. The first evening, I offered them all the use of the hot tub which is quite large and comfortably seats eight. Being the odd one without a partner would make it
nine, but the females were small, so it wasn't a problem. I first had to explain
that we didn't allow suits in the tub because the hot water pulls residue soap out and causes my husband to have to clean more often than he likes. It was getting dark by then so I told the girls they could change and wrap up in big towels while the guys just ******** down in the living room and got in.

I noticed that Oliver's "friend" was a bit shy, but peer pressure induced her to join in. We were all drinking wine and had smoked a little weed from my water pipe before getting in, so everyone was pretty relaxed and having a good time. I was sitting between Oliver and one of his black friends with Oliver's "friend" on the other side of him. Almost out of habit, my hand strayed over onto his lap to take hold of his ****, but he whispered I should do that to his
friend on the other side of me. I had just met the guy and thought it might not be a good idea IF his partner had the same idea. Oliver then whispered if I did it, that he would meet me in the master bath when we got out and I could suck his ****.

I giggled while pondering how we were going to have time to do that with all the other people around, but in my smoke induced haze figured "what the hell." I slowly let my other hand move over to his friend's thigh and then moved on very slowly until I came to his ****. My thinking was IF his friend was playing with him that he would stop me at his thigh. Well, by the time I inched over to his ****, I think he knew what I was up to and was already hard from thinking about it.

Holy Crap! his **** was not as long as Oliver's (probably 8 inches) but it WAS thicker. It was the thickest **** I have ever touched. I began to have all sorts of wild thoughts of sucking it and what it would feel like inside me which launched all these ideas of how to do it. Finally I decided that it would just be too risky and cause a lot of trouble, but decided I was going to ask Oliver to set me up with this stud sometime in the near future.

After a bit all the girls decided to get out and get dressed while the guys waited for a while. I had already placed a big pile of large towels out and said I was going to stay in for a few more minutes. Now I was able to move my arm a bit more, but the other two guys were not aware of what was going on (or so I thought) so I wasn't too obvious. finally the guys got up while I just sat there for a while.

I went in after everyone was dressed wrapped in a big fluffy towel and went to my bedroom to change. I just dropped my towel and used the door from the bedroom into the master bath to see if Oliver had excused himself to go to the toilet. He opened the door from the hallway and there I stood, naked, waiting to suck his **** as he told me. I got down on my knees on the bath mat next to the tub and started in on his beautiful ****. He was rock hard in two minutes. Thinking I would have to get him off in a hurry, I started jacking with one hand, cupping his balls with the other while sucking in the first four inches of his ****.

He told me I looked so hot and beautiful sucking his **** on my knees while looking up at him. I just moaned a thank you and kept on. Then he asked me if it would turn me on to have people watch me suck his ****. I had no idea he meant now OR these people, but again moaned in the affirmative. Then he said I thought so. He then said "all the guys are outside having a cigar in front of the bathroom window."

Everything came to a stop! I automatically turned my head towards the big window, but of course couldn't see a damned thing because the lights were on in the bathroom. I looked back up at him and said "you joking, of course."
"Not joking, finish sucking my big ****." "when I ***, pull off and let the first blast hit your face then swallow the rest."

What was going through my head was. . . . if they are really out there, they have already seen a LOT, so lets go for the big finish. Somewhere between four and five minutes later, I felt his **** swell even a bit more and knew it was going to give me a face full of ***. I quit jacking with one hand and reached around and pulled his *** towards me and took his **** as deep into my throat as I could. Instead of pulling off for the first shot, I swallowed it and then pulled back to get a couple of smaller one on my face and ****. Then I took it back into my mouth and went deep again to massage and pull out every last drop.

I stood up and walked into my bedroom to clean up and throw on a robe to join the others in the living room. Oliver had the presence of mind to flush the toilet and was already out there, but the two other black guys were still outside "finishing their cigars." I thought, "yea and probably jacking off over the railing." As the night went on, one of the girls seemed to be staring daggers at me from time to time.

The next morning, just before breakfast, Oliver called me on his cell phone.
Instead of staying another day, they were going to leave after breakfast.
When I asked if something was wrong, he told me that one of the girls had come outside while I was sucking Oliver's ****. Had it not been for the fact that all three of them were about a foot from the window intently staring they might have been able to deter her from coming over to see what was up. They begged her not to tell the other girls because is was only a bet and didn't mean anything.

She didn't say anything until they were getting ready for bed. Now everyone knew what I had done and especially Oliver's "friend" was pissed. She didn't make a scene, but Oliver sure didn't get any ***** that night. All the girls were polite during breakfast and thanked me for offering the place and gave some lame excuse for bailing early. The one that had seen me with Oliver's **** down my throat turned back just as they left and said "you're a ***** ****."

Turns out the black guy I handled in the tub was from B.C. too, so I am going to have to wait for that BBC. Oliver did say they ALL wanted to **** me right then, but knew the girls would kill them.

Oh well, you can't win them all.
funseeeekrr funseeeekrr 41-45, F 29 Responses Jul 26, 2013

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love your work ;)

sounds like everyone had fun except the players girls....oh well!
your stories are hot as hell. please add me. xoxo

wow great story

Great story

I personally believe the Hot Tub is a No Swimwear Zone. Doesn't matter how many people you wanna cram in there -- nudity is a must. It's like a group bubble bath. Much more fun that way.

More fun is equal to the number of people with an open mind opposed to the uptight.

Wow! You know it was your place, tub, weed, and accommodations. I guess you could be entitled to a little fun . Stuck up little *****.

Love it! .................I,d just love to be in the spa with you,and do as you did...............let my hand wander onto your thigh,and then slowly move it to your waiting first touch would be to one outer lip,and also finding out for the first time if you,re smooth or hairy down there.........I,d then massage the outer lip for a while then rub your entire outer in a firm circular motion.Then I,d splice your entrance and slip my middle finger gently in and out............while doing this I,d slowly lean toward you.........gauging your reaction as to whether you,d let me kiss,re in s.xual ecstasy and welcome my kiss with your mouth open.............

******* hot story.

Very sexy. My wife's similar.

some day you will acknowlege me as your biggest fan but until thenjsut go to this explains it all go to "Men's Brains women's brains by Mark Gungor part 2 on youtube and it will all be clear. google it as I lack your e-mail address to send you the link. very funny

Great story and very high marks for personal bravery in the face of the opposition.

Great story, I wish I was getting all the sex you are!

What a hoot. You were totally busted.

GREAT story I'd love to be added to your circle please

Is it wrong for me to be so turned on right now?

hot story

Very sexy story. Now I have to hide my erection on the train ride home.

Waooo I m hard and definitely wants to go to the hot tub with you and friends !

I love your story. We live in Bend. Ever been to Club Sesso?

You sure do know how to have fun.

I was fully expecting this story to turn into a full ****. I wish I got as much sex as you do, thanks for sharing.

lol! You gotta be hot and more for her to be that pissed! ha ha ha love your story!

way to go, guess yo made all of those other girls jealous, maybe they cant handle a **** as good as you:)

Don't worry you done good

I could never blame a girl for not wanting a big black **** to suck...too bad she was such a prude.

If you are referring to his girlfriend from Vancouver, I assume he wouldn\'t have been dating her unless she was good at oral. I do know he is delighted with mine.

Yes...his girlfriend...the prude part comes with her not sharing him with you. :)I have yet to have met a black man that was a \"one woman man\".

Along with a very pretty & sexy light skinned black woman model in San Francisco, Vancouver, and a woman who sucks his **** on the way to work almost daily, I seem to be his favorite for a hot **** & suck. He certainly is mine as he gets me SO lusty I go nuts. He is also great at phone sex and gets me off that way some boring week nights.

Very nice...light skinned black girls are so hot.
So hot that you are there for him...thank you.

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Very hot story. Sometimes you are just so caught up in the moment you don't realize others might see something. But really, who cares at that point. The girls were prudes and the guys were horny. Sounds pretty normal to me.

I'm afraid that Oliver no longer has a hot girlfriend from Vancouver B C
He did, however, get one hellofa *******.

You just have to wait till Oliver gets you hooked up with his friends. If that ever happens. Oliver is a very lucky guy

Awesome story!

All that **** and you didn't get any in your *****. Too bad the women weren't more broad-minded. I bet your husband was disappointed.

When I told him what happened, he just laughed. He told me that I am quite aware of what happens with those blinds at night, so I probably was hoping to be seen. Frankly, I had wanted to suck some BBC so bad I completely forgot about the blinds and really thought everyone was busy in the house.
Oliver had told his buddies if they wanted to see how an older white lady sucked black **** that they should go out and stand at the railing and watch. When that girl came out they would have been able to deter her from seeing IF they had been at the railing, but they almost had their noses against the glass.

Which girl saw you with the black **** in your mouth? Oliver's black girlfriend or one of the white girls? I bet it was Oliver's girlfriend.

Maybe the girl was pissed it wasn't her