We Go Naked

Being avid nudist we naver wear clothes at home.  If you don't like it you can leave because we dress for no one.  We live way out in the contry and moved out here so we could go naked all the time.  Our home is clothing optional for all of our friends.  You can wear your clothes or you can come visit, ***** down and enjoy going naked with us.  Our pool and hot tub are the only two places you have to be completely naked.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Best way to enjoy a hot tub. I spent hours naked in hot tubs over the summer.

My hotel this week has a hot tub but I probably won't use it. As soon as I get to the room I ***** naked and only dress again when its time to leave the next morning. My dream is that one day our culture would accept nudity in public hot tubs.

If the country wasn't so big, I'd start driving now - trying to find this place

mykinkyside...see, in our home we don't care. If one of the guys get's a woody so what. Frankly I enjoy seeing a nice rock hard **** and it tells me the guys are enjoying seeing us gals naked.

Hahahahahaha, I love all you guys : ) Hugggggggggggggg's

May i move in?