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When my wife first told me about her “hard on incident” with Rob last summer, I found it rather amusing and truly thought that maybe this is the guy she should pursue to fulfill a fantasy that we have played around with for a long time, probably three years or more.
When I finally met this young man, I knew this should be the guy for a couple of different reasons.  He was quiet & shy, and lacked some confidence in his social skills, it took a while for us to get him to open up and get to know him, and have him know us.  I wanted to help him out a little and boost him and get his *** in gear, an intelligent guy with good looks has no reason to be shy and show a lack of confidence.
I was always very lucky when it came to sexual experiences growing up, had some great girlfriends, and a couple of older gals who showed me lots when I was in my early 20’s.  Here was my chance to fulfill our fantasy and get this going in life a little bit, or even a lot.  Give him a time most young guys could never dream of.  I haven’t seen Rob since the other night,  he must be changed somewhat. 
My wife is thirty years old & I’m 40 years old, we met when she was 19 & I was 29.  We both knew right away that this was going to be it & have never looked back since. She was young, extremely hot, and just totally adorable.  I was a little older and “mysteriously sexy & handsome” as she calls it.
We tossed the thought of having Rob as my wife’s first outside partner around all summer & into the fall and finally she made the decision to proceed.  I will take the credit drawing him into our lives & planning the evening, but it was my wife’s decision to proceed without my presence (my idea) and actually enjoy sex outside of our relationship.  A decision that should not be taken lightly and we feel we went about it the right way, weighing & thinking things out thoroughly. Not pressuring each other, having mutual respect for one another’s thoughts & feelings. 
When I left our house I was feeling extremely excited and had a lot of bounce in my step you could say.  I only went across the street to my buddy’s house to drink a couple of beers in his garage for a while until my wife called.  Steve did comment that I was in a good mood & wondered what was up as I was smoking his cigarettes while drinking some beers (I quit – 4 years ago-dummy).  I guess I was a little anxious or something and it showed.  Of course I wouldn’t tell him what was really going on, but that I was in a great mood.
When my phone rang I couldn’t get home fast enough, my friend commenting on that in a teasing way – if he only knew.  Coming home a seeing my wife after was a huge turn on and finished off the evening with some of the hottest sex ever to this day.  Knowing how hot & sexy she was while with our young friend alone (oh to have on camera) is unexplainable.  No regrets & looking forward to times ahead. 
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2011

It's been said before but bravo on the double perspective of this story. love it, thanks for sharing.

Great story and thanks for adding me as a friend. Dx

yes, i do still see him in the heighborhood- but future sexual encounters are not in the cards, we're on to new things, such a sweet boy-even has his own little girlfriend now...mmm think i schooled him quite well... T

Great story...hope those 'new things' are just as much fun!

mmm can't wait to hear about the "new things"

That is a hot story, hope there is more to come.