Scene #18: The Biggest D*** She Ever Saw

She was working a banquet one night at one of the big hotels in Cincinnati and as had come to be her usual, I knew the banquet was over and she wasn't home. When the phone rang it made my d*** automatically start to rise in anticipation of what I was going to hear.

Previously she had told me about two young women she worked with who thought her being allowed to have sex with other men while her husband remained faithful to her was the coolest thing they ever heard of and wished for a relationship like that themselves. Unknown to me at the time, one of these women was listening in on our conversation. If I had known that I would have been even more turned on, if that were possible.

The phone call went like this:
Her, "after work I went to the hotel bar with some other people for some drinks."
Me, "men or women?"
Her, "some of both."
Me, "are you with one of the men?"
Her, "yes."
Me, "have you had sex with him yet?"
Her, "no. We've kissed and he's felt me up a little. That's what I'm calling about. We're getting ready to leave for his apartment so I won't be home for a few more hours."
Me, "it's pretty late now and I know you have to be tired from working all evening and after f***ing it'll be even later with you more tired. Why don't you just spend the rest of the night with him and come home in the morning after you've had some sleep?"
Her, "thanks, I think I will."

After she hung up I had to jerk off, I couldn't help it. I knew my wife had been with a man making out in a public place. People were there who knew her, knew she was married and that wasn't her husband. The others she was with, I didn't know how many at that time, would know she was going home with him to f***. I think it's so hot for a married woman to be out in public flaunting her infidelity and the hottest of all is when the married woman is my wife.

When she came home in the morning she went straight to bed. I wanted to f*** but she said she didn't think she could. I pulled off her panties anyway. I had never seen her pu*sy look like that, she is usually big and wet when she comes home. Her pu*sy lips were red and swollen shut. Her pu*sy it was hot to the touch and she drew in a hissing breath through her teeth (pain) when I tried to put a finger in it. I couldn't it was so tight and dry. I asked, "what happened? Did he have a big d*** or did he just f*** you a lot?" She said, "both. He had the biggest d*** I've ever seen on a man and he f***ed me a lot." I asked if he was black or white and she said he was white. I wanted to know, "how big was it?" She said she didn't know, but it was so big she could barely get the head in her mouth and when he started to put it in her it was like being f***ed for the first time all over again. He was slow and gentle about working it in but she thought it was going to split her open. He got it all inside her and she had never felt so full of d*** in her life. Then he started to f***, slowly at first, then faster and faster. After fully adjusting to his size it was the best feeling she had ever had, and she told him, "I never want you to stop." He had f***ed her repeatedly until they fell asleep. He wanted to f*** her again before she left in the morning (and so did she) but there was no way she could.

I really wanted some of her pu*sy. I got down to kiss and lick her. After a while she started to get wet, then wetter, then enough to get a finger in her until she told me to go ahead and try my d***. This was one time when my little 5 inch d*** was a benefit but she was really tight.

Later after she'd had some more rest I asked if she was going to see him again. She said he was only sent to this hotel for training and would be leaving in another day or two. I offered to drive her to him myself if she wanted. She said she would like to but just wouldn't be ready for him again that soon.

As a note to you guys with an average d**k who think you would like a really big one, you're better off. This guy told my wife that most women can't take his d***. My wife is one of a very few really good f***s he had ever had.

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Very hot! Sometimes when a bug **** ***** my wife for hours her ***** will get so swollen she can actually feel my little ****!